Fw: Is She the Piñata?

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Subject: Is She the Piñata?

Subject: Is She the Piñata?

I've looked at this over and over and still can't believe it! How DID those people on either side of them keep a straight face???


gruaud said...

Perhaps they're keeping straight faces because
it's a photoshop?

And a poor one, at that.

Snarla said...

Especially those who have used the internet before today can see that this was created by mermaid4america at faceinhole.com.

ferschitz said...

Stupid is as stupid does.

gruaud said...

Jeez, Dave tagged it with 'photoshop is hilarious'
and I didn't even notice.

10 demerits for me.

katz said...

Wow. That is the worst photoshop I've ever seen. And yet it fools right-wingers. They're still not on to this whole "computer" thing, are they?

Tootseye said...

Rightwingers see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and read what they want to read.

No doubt some teabaggers are too teh stoooopeds to get what photoshop even is, but plenty do. They just decide to ignore the inconvenient truth that this is a dumb, not very well executed b.s. and revel in saying: ain't it awful.


Ray Merriam said...

I'm a (moderate) right winger and it didn't fool me, but it has fooled some of my (extreme) left wing friends as well as extreme right wing friends and everyone in between. I've been using computers since 1987 and have been building my own since 1995. And I use Photoshop but not too stupid nonsense like that.

Ray Merriam said...

Last sentence should have read: "And I use Photoshop but not to do stupid nonsense like that."

ferschitz said...

Congratulations, Ray, on being a moderate right winger, who doesn't indulge yourself in doing junk like this.

Now if only you could talk to some of your other right winger friends and get them to see a little reason.

Speaking only for myself (but I suspect most other left wingers posting here might feel the same), some joking around and poking fun at the "other party" is fine.

But look around here, and you'll see some radically foul and really quite ignorant, racist and balistically beligerent junk eminating from right wing forwards.

I can say without hesitation that my liberal friends have never, ever behaved this way.

I would enjoy having a loyal opposition, as well as having the ability to enjoy a debate with a real conservative who can talk to me like an adult without devolving into some tantrum-throwing shouter.

I come from a right-wing family & have Republican friends, so I'm not just making stuff up to whine and cry. I feel that there are some serious things wrong on the right these days, and frankly, I'm stymied as to what the remedy is.

Any attempts at reasonable conversations seem to devolve into belligerent shouting and ranting (coming AT me, not FROM me). When I happen to get sucked into an email conversation w/ a conservative Right wing fowarder, they are either trying to "shout" me down, or - when I present facts in a calm, reasonable and respectful way - they simply stop writing.

So: what's the answer?

But I invite you to take a gander around here and see what rightwingers like to indulge themselves in these days. This little photoshop stupidity is very mild, and for RWF types, on the verge of being inoffensive.

I'll get off my soapbox now...

Anonymous said...

Great Site! I happen to be a proud conservative. You see, conservatives are consistant. You have a right to voice your oppinion. I have the right to research the facts. I convert liberals who are just conservatives who listen to the propaganda media sunday talk (Pavlov and the Dogs) talking shows that only give you what you want to hear. I am so glad you point out right wingers that just know something is wrong and just scream bull crap. This is as annoying as liberals trying to fool me with happy horse shit! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone else make any sense of the last Anon post?

Anonymous said...

Ya, rightwingers don't get this whole "new" computer thing--sort like liberals don't get this whole "U.S. Constitution" thing, and it's been around for over 200 years.

Anonymous said...

@ anon

Pot. Kettle.

But not even that. The idea that liberals don't respect the constitution when they just elected a constitutional scholar President is insane. The idea that conservatives love the constitution despite backing W for 8 years (and beyond) is even more insane.

Anonymous said...

Where is your sense of humor people? What does right-wing have to do with it??? I found this funny and knew right off that it was not real. You are all so politically minded, you can't laugh at yourselves anymore. Sad how this is how the left has divided America. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Where is your sense of humor people?

Its more refined than laughing at fake crap like this.

What does right-wing have to do with it???

Because they photoshopped the picture and have been sending it around, trying to pass it off as "real".

I found this funny and knew right off that it was not real.

But knowing its not real destroys the one possibility that it might actually have been funny. If it was real, we would laugh and with good reason. How does your mind still find it funny after "knowing" that its made up? Does not compute.

You are all so politically minded, you can't laugh at yourselves anymore.

I laugh plenty, at actual stuff that's funny. This isn't. Sorry.

Sad how this is how the left has divided America. Very sad.

The left has divided America? The left has been the ones driving the "red state/real america/us vs. them" narratives which cause divisions? The left have their own cable network which does nothing but spew hate and propaganda 24/7? The left constantly questions the legitimacy of an American born, Christian, centrist, duly elected President of the United States?

The left is the reason this website, with vast collection of examples of poorly researched, alarmist, bullshit propaganda, even exists and never seems to run out of material?

Give me a fucking break.

Anonymous said...



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