Fw: ACORN de-funded? Not really.

SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS-----but now so very common for this Congress. The whole place is totally corrupt and citizens may ultimately have to take the streets. DISGUSTING

Video on youtube of Congresswoman Michele Bachman from a radio program.

On this program she told the host that Congress defunded ACORN ... only for the month of October.

She said federal monies would start to flow again after midnight on Halloween. I guess the "Trick"
was on us, and ACORN is going to keep getting the "Treats".

Here is the link for those who want to hear what Rep Bachman had to say.



Anonymous said...

Here is the link for those who want to hear what Rep Bachman had to say.
Haha! The trick's on you! NOBODY wants to hear what Bachman has to say, ever.

Anonymous said...

Huh! After Googling around, I see dozens of conservative blogs trumpeting this video, and yet not a single source or corroborating quote from the bill!

Those crafty Democrats truly are masters of deception!

Celia said...

Michele Bachman.


ferschitz said...

EGAD - if truly crazed, constantly lying nutjob Michelle Bachman said it, then it's without a doubt NOT TRUE. That entity makes Bible Spice look like an intellectual giant, plus as truthful as the day is long.


gruaud said...

Oh, how the right hates ACORN.

Not because of any corruption; although like any
large entity, there is bound to be some.

No, they hate and fear it because ACORN makes
voting accessible to poor people. And, as we all
know, the right actually hates democracy. Every
voter registration drive ACORN pulls off means
it is less likely for the Republican voter-fraud
apparatus to be effective.

And that drives them insane.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd like to ASK some the wingnuts-on-the-street:

WHY do you hate ACORN?
What DOES ACORN do in general - what's its purpose?
What EXACTLY did they do in specific that you have a problem with?
And can you cite evidence for all of the above?

Try it sometime - ask a ditto-head to explain their view of the Liberal Boogeyman Du Jour in detail, citing reasons and evidence.

Then ime how fast the conversation takes to become utterly incoherent before it devolves into them calling you names.

Most wingers don't even really know WHY they hate ACORN - they were just TOLD to hate it, so they HATES it.

Tootseye said...

Agree that the right (those that actually KNOW what's really happening) hates ACORN mainly bc it serves the poor in obtaining housing, by registering them to vote (OH NOES!!), etc.

True, there is some corruption in the organization, but nothing like the magnitude of corruption, kick-backs, poor quality work, etc, associated with KBR, Halliburton & Wackenhut, which contards just love to keep funding with YOUR tax dollars bc they get rich off it. The right gets nada from funding ACORN, except voters who vote them out of office.

Get the picture?

Some contards may actually know to say: but, but, but ACORN engages in voter fraud and registers people like "Mickey Mouse" to vote. Not true. ACORN does NOT engage in voter fraud; they have their voting registrations regularly audited; and any "Mikey Mouse" voters are eliminated and not added to the roles.

Let me be repetitive: contards hate ACORN bc they register the poor to vote, and the poor usually do not vote for rightwing candidates. Period. The end.

Also: look suspiciously at any "news" you hear/read/see about ACORN which paints ACORN as engaging in illegal or "bad" activities. Usually they're not, if you do further investigation. Not saying ACORN is 100% perfect, but it's far, far, far less "evil" than the right wishes to paint it.

FEH. And crazed Michelle Bachman: in the dictionary under the definition of BatShit Crazy, they have her photo in bright, crazy colors. She is fully nuts, but someone is paying her to spew out the whacky, and you can bet on that.

bendk said...

I want to be a hardcore, bible-beating, crazy ass, black-fearing conservative for one fucking day to see all these bogeymen that are threatening "ARE VALUES" because right now, doesn't seem like any are. But, what's weird is, if these guys are sooo concerned about corruption in federally funded businesses, then where were the Diebold and Halliburton forwards? Oh wait, that's right, they actually commited crimes and were vilified in the press.

Anonymous said...

Ha: you won't ever, ever see a RWF about Halliburton, Diebold, KBR, Wackenhutt, etc, bc the righties love 'em some of your tax dollahs, and those be coming from funding the rightwing machine.

The rw "base" is clueless about the illegalites, kick-backs, crappy work conducted by the rightwing corporations for the enrichment of the Bush/Cheney crime families. The base is kept clueless by the rw noise machine, aka Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Fake "News", etc.

IF rightwingers ever hear real facts about what's going on, and it doesn't match up with what they've been DEMANDED to BELIEVE, then they'll just chalk it up to lying LIEbruls and the eeeevul LIEbrul media.

They have been aptly and completely brainwashed into shitting hissyfits over nothing.

I have actually read rw trolls on Sadly No! and elsewhere crowing about how Repukes will just be obstructive and stall everything that BHO and the Dumbocrats want to do just BECAUSE.

They think this is a laugh-riot.

Here we are in 2 wars (started by THEIR side) with US citizens dying daily (not to mention Iraqi's, Afgans, Pakistani's dying), and it's hilariously funny to these shits to be obstructive just bc they can be. Behold rw "patriots"... NOT.

Digusting. Not to mention that their sainted GOP party drove this country into the ground financially and otherwise, and BHO is left to clean up the mess. But let's just be obstructive and say NO! endlessly bc it's just so stinking funny... ha ha ha

Jerks of the first order. Facts have a liberal bias.

These people need to get out of the way or get tossed under the bus.

Anonymous said...

"Citizens may actually have to take to the streets"

oooh, more hand-wringing from dead-end teabaggers led to their OH NOES by the likes of crazed Michelle Bachman.

Bebe 99 said...

Wow I gotta hand it to Al Franken, he came up with an excellent way to highlight the partisan defunding of Acorn by introducing an amendment to "defund" contractors (KBR) who prevent employee/rape victims from suing them.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Bebe, that IS great. Hope it gets passed, as that's legislation that I'd really support. And not a day too soon. Not sure if this Congress will pass it, but kudos to Franken.

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