Fw: List of Achievements


gruaud said...

Ok, if you're listing rainbows, unicorns and
gumdrops you really got nuthin'.

And if you list Middle East Peace, you're a
disengenous, hypocritical scumbag. And
you're damned right about blaming Bush.
A good 80% of all our troubles can be laid
at his doorstep.

So what has he accomplished?

1) Open Government (something Republican
presidents abhor)

2) 2,500 DOT Projects underway

3) Tax Credits to offset college tuitions

4) Incentives for Automobile Battery Technology

5) Omnibus Public Land Management Act

6) The so-called "Apology Tour" is actually
something called diplomacy (again, something
Republican presidents hate) and it is working

7) And healthcare reform WILL happen; it may
not be perfect, but it's a huge step in the right

Like all presidents, he ain't perfect.

What I want him to do:
a) Get out of Afghanistan NOW
b) Get out of Iraq NOW
c) Close Gitmo NOW
d) Repair the damage Cheney did to the constitution
e) And while you're at it, frogmarch Bush,
Cheney, and Rumsfeld to the Hague so they
can stand trial for crimes against humanity

Anonymous said...

They left off a huge Obama accomplishment I'm particularly proud off: Pissing the shit out of unhinged wingnuts!

That's worth at least a few gumdrops, right?

ferschitz said...

I love how they list all these things that BHO has failed to do in 10 months time that Republicans have actively worked against forever, such as:

Climate Change - most wingtards vehemently reject this and fight tooth and nail against it.

End Iraq War - color wingtards extreme hypocrits. NOW they want the war ended??? NOW? I thought their dark lord & master, Dickbreath Cheney wanted to say forevah. Yes, I want us out of Iraq asap, but a war is not something that can just be ended in one day. I believe that this Admin is moving in that direction. Who started this war anyway, and why? Who LIED??

Earmark reform - John McCain notwithstanding, Repukes have fought long and hard against reforming earmarks. Color me not surprised at the hypocracy of this, plus when did BHO ever promise to reform this? I don't recall that; it was part of McCain's platform. DUH.

Nuclear free world - since when did Republicans ever want this?? BHO scrapped plans for the missile sheilds in Eastern Europe (stuff that never worked anyway and cost taxpayers lots of wasted money - thanks to Repuke efforts to line their pockets via the military-industrial complex) and Repukes screamed in anger and rage. This is another typical ex of Repuke hypocracy. Spare me the ersatz outrage, please.

I agree w/the list that Gruaud provides of things that I'd like to see this Admin do. But there's plenty that BHO has already done, including signing the Lilly Ledbetter law early in his Admin to ensure that women can get fair deal in how they're paid in corporations (something else Repukes didn't want, naturally).

The economy is improving slowly, and most economists and business folk agree that without the Stimulus measures that BHO pushed through, we would all be much worse off. Of course, Repukes have stated repeatedly that they'd like the USA to FAIL, so it's no wonder that they're so unhappy that our country is actually improving somewhat (slowly though it may be).

More whining from the biggest bunch of lying crybabies out there.

Snarla said...

I'm going to feel like a fool when they show me the YouTube clip of Barack Obama campaigning on promises of gumdrops, lollipops, and unicorns.

Schmucks forgot about closing Guantanamo.

Anonymous said...

I want gumdrops!

Tootseye said...

Wait! I was supposed to get a lollipop??? Waaaaaaaaaaa...

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