FW: FW: How COVID works


charlie said...


Who is creating this crap? I can only assume it's the Russians.

Does RWD really believe that all medical examiners, both Democrats and Republicans, are chalking up every single death to COVID-19?


"I wonder why COVID isn't effecting us"

Part of it would be that a virus doesn't "effect" anyone.

"No, it's very dangerous"

Hydroxychloroquine has always been dangerous.

"You'll either die or be like the 99.5% and recover"

Actually, about one in thirty die and one in five require hospitalization.

But in the U.S., tens of millions are out of work, which means that they also have no health insurance.

So even if you get COVID-19 and survive, there's a good chance you'll go bankrupt.

Oh, and there's still no treatment for this, remember?

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