FW: FW: Coronavirus -- Makes you think


charlie said...

Can someone explain why we are freaking out over what "might" happen if we weren't freaking out over what was happening?

Sure. We've been locked down in most, but not all, of the country for the past month. In spite of that, there are now more than 50,000 dead, and that number is likely to double.

Horrible, but a lot better than what we'd have if we did nothing, which is what RWD apparently wants us to do.

BTW- we have 50,000 dead from less than 1 million cases. That's a whole lot worse than the 12,000 deaths from 60 million cases of H1N1 under Obama.

30 days of quarantine

I still have no idea why Republicans want to believe that Michelle Obama is a man.

Sean said...

I've spent way too long trying to figure out the Michelle Obama "joke." I suppose it was written by someone who only gets shaved at a barber shop and imagines everyone else does it that way too...? That's all I got.

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