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charlie said...

So my question is, how come illegals are?

They don't, and know one thinks they are. Glad to help on that one.

Re: the Holocaust comment - the lack of self-awareness is astonishing.

A Mexican...must come to America to do that.

If RWD has evidence that Mexicans are voting in U.S. elections, he should provide it.

Remember our military and our veterans In America 50% of people regard members of the military as heroes. In Germany, it's 15%, and they're regarded as government employees. Because that is what they are.

The only people in America who forget the veterans are Republicans. George W. Bush promised to clean up problems at the VA in 2007. We're still waiting.

The same thing happens with Socialism.

Socialism is a system of government where the state owns all means of production. No one is proposing that the United States adopt such a system of government.

RWD isn't very bright or particularly well informed. Call me shocked.

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