Fwd: Fw: Please stop blaming Trump for mass shootings - a black man explains

Click on this link and listen to what you won't hear in today's media coverage about the mass shootings in OH and TX.


pickum said...

Off topic: Over the past few years, broadcast television has lost most of its audience to cable, and since then cable seems to be losing that audience to streaming services. This seems to be because the audience wants more choices of what to watch. Somehow, every mention of FOX Cable News winning the ratings race against CNN or MSNBC seems wrong. Right-wing weblogs love to trumpet FOX Cable News ratings, yet I thought that the news source the majority are watching is local broadcast news operations, which are the broadcast stations profit centers.
It is as though the right wing website authors cannot connect in their minds eye a population that gets it news from ABC, NBC and CBS broadcast stations, with their own complaints about the news media. Local news operations are the most watched, yet they get almost no right wing website criticism. That feels very out of place to me.

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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