Fwd: Party of NO


pickum said...

---The two "build the wall" postings do not include images of Tea party protesters from 2010 coming out against something in large numbers.

if an appeal to patriotism would be dishonest in the case of wanting a border wall, then it seems like those who did an appeal to patriotism to make the "tea party" do not want to do that now. It is is honest, they do not want to do that now.

charlie said...

That photo collage shows 76 people who would be alive today if not for illegal immigrants.

RWD thinks we should do something about that.

On the other hand, three times that many Americans are shot dead by other Americans every week.

RWD's response to that?


Also - the photos in the "sexual predators" meme are all Photoshopped. But you knew that.

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