Fwd: Think about this piece of brilliance ...

Subject: Think about this piece of brilliance ...

any doubt now?


delagar said...

Here's a shocker -- RWD passes on yet another lie about a powerful woman. Oh, wait, a powerful progressive woman. Oh, wait, a powerful, progressive, black woman.

Tell me again how you aren't a liar, or a sexist, or a racist, RWD.


And I'll remind you, one more time, about that 9th commandment -- the one about bearing false witness? Your mama might have told you it meant "don't lie to your mama," but in fact it meant precisely this.

It meant don't pass along false stories like this. If you don't know something is true, don't pass it along. You're bearing false witness. You're damaging God's world. That's one of the top ten big sins.

Anonymouse said...

A "powerful" woman who started out as an elected official with nothing? A "powerful" woman who had no money in her first few years but who now lives in a multi million dollar home?
'Splain that one to us, eh?

Mad Maxine has done verywell-indeed...monetarily, that is.
Her impoverished constituents? They are simply puppets to her.

charlie said...


Lots of people have become wealthy while serving in Congress. I guess it's OK when white guys do it, though. Right?

Anonymouse said...

"it's OK when white guys do it, though. Right?"
What a typical Lib response. Get over your White Guilt. Put some new diapers on. Defrauding the system is illegal, period.

delagar said...

Sounds like Anonymouse has been getting his InfoMation from InfoWars.

Maxine Waters was cleared of all corruptions charges some time ago.

Her real offense, as stated above, is being a powerful progressive black woman. White conservative men -- snowflakes that they are -- can't handle any of those. All four at once has them pissing down their legs.

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