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date:Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 12:38 PM
subject:Fwd: FW: White Privilege 


gruaud said...

This forward is an example of what's known as 'purposely obtuse'.

But, what the heck. These statistics were compiled by a moderate (sane) conservative.


ferschitz said...

It's also an example of false equivalency. What do Willie Nelson's long-ago tax issues have to do with Al Sharpton's current tax debts?

Shorter A: F*ck all.

And surprise, surprise maybe JBW Tucker is "sane," but he's still a liar.


According to Snopes and Bloomberg, Sharpton's tax debt is $4.5 million, not $19 million. It's a lot, but not what the rightwing think tank (or Tucker) wishes to whip RWD into a frenzy of bigotry and unending victimizing about. Also Sharpton is said to be paying off this debt, which is relatively recent.

Do I approve of or condone of either Nelson's or Sharpton's tax debts? No. But if Sharpton is paying off his debt - as Nelson did - then there's no "there" there.

What is Tucker and/or some rightwing think tank saying here? That Willie Nelson was treated unfairly? Why? How so? The IRS has "gone after" Sharpton. How does this prove that somehow Sharpton is being treated "better" than whitey white white Nelson?

Shorter A: typical rightwing think tank lying bs meant to gin up racists over some blah. IOW, yet another day ending in "y" in TeaTard land.

gruaud said...

Actually, the forward wasn't created by Tucker. What Tucker's link reveals is an ongoing, systematic oppression of minorities via white privilege.

Hooray4US said...

Willie Nelson and Al Sharpton are low hanging fruit for the IRS to go after. I'm not really clear on their situations, but Nelson managed to discharge his debt, possibly some of through bankruptcy (not sure), and Sharpton is working on his situation.

The really big tax dodgers, like Mitt RMoney, never get busted and/or, like the Hedge Fund greedheads, they get the tax code written in their favor so that all the giant sucking billion$ they make gets counted as "capital gains" at a much lower rate. Even then, they usually don't pay capital gains at the rates that the 99% do. RMoney only released one year of his taxes, which showed he paid 12%. Don't try that one, 99%, cuz you'll get a phone call from the IRS whether you're white, brown, black or whatever. I'm pretty sure the IRS is color blind except for the color green.

I could go on and on, especially about the 99% in the USA all pay more - proportionately - in taxes than giant corporations, like those owned by sperm & egg lottery winners like the Koch brothers and Walton spawn.

BTW, does RWD know that Willie Nelson is a Democrat? I believe he supported Obama, and I think he visited the White House when Carter was President.

Is RWD that dumb that he doesn't know that about Nelson? lol...

CharlieE said...

Isn't this where Mike Hawk is supposed to chime in with some non sequitur about Al Sharpton?

Agent86 said...

"Is RWD that dumb that he doesn't know that about Nelson? lol..."

You answered your own question....


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