Fw: Fwd: McDonald's Answer to $15/hr

date:17 July 2015 at 10:01
subject:Fw: Fwd: McDonald's Answer to $15/hr

Here's McDonald's answer to the $15/hr minimum wage.....
Never takes a day off, doesn't call in sick, doesn't need a break, doesn't need Obamacare and never pays union dues.
McDonald's first "self-serve" being tested now......


gruaud said...

The lack of foresight displayed in this is mindboggling. Yes, you get to push a button and get a hambuger. That'll show those wage slaves.

The tidal wave of automation was always going to happen, whether there is an increase in minimum wage or not. And that means millions of jobs lost, first in the now gutted manufacturing sector, now in the service sector. This is going to further screw the economy because millions of people will have little or no purchasing power.

And after that? What happens next is a dystopia straight out of a science fiction novel, played out for real.

Anonymous said...


CharlieE said...

Why do Republicans have such contempt for people who work for a living?

ferschitz said...

To CharlieE: well the propaganda comes from the Owner class - the Waltons, Scaifes, Mitt RMoney, etc. From time immemorial the Feudal Lords have always despised their slaves, peons, etc. It appears to be part of human nature that most who rise to the top are narcissistic sociopaths who care only about themselves (and maybe their families but even that's debatable).

As we witness here daily, RWD has been cleverly, clearly and very consciously propagandized/brainwashed to look down on, hate, loath and despise anyone who is a lower paid worker. We've RWFs which basically yell at such workers - like those at WalMart, McDonalds, etc - that they are paid the lowly wages that they "deserve." And if they want to make more, then they need to get off of their lousy, lazy butts and "work harder" and get college degrees and get a "better job."

RWD, as we know, is a selfish, smugly self-righteous, doddering white man mostly who's been out of workforce - and on the Medicare/Soc Security govt gravy train - probably for at least a decade or longer. RWD is incurious, lives in a Fox/Rush bubble of misinformation and hate, and has, really, no clue what's truly happening in the world, what it's like to be working these days, how jobs have been lost, etc.

This is just the usual rightwing propaganda to keep RWD smugly satisfied that he's "shown them!!!" giving him the entirely false delusion that somehow he, RWD, is favored by his rightwing Overlords. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth bc if the PTB could figure out a way to further rip off RWD and completely impoverish him, they would do it in a heartbeat... all whilst feeding RWD more propaganda about how his penurious state was brought about by the darkies, teh poorz & dreadful workers demanding a living wage.

Agent86 said...

To follow on with the Ferschitz analogy, RWD reminds me of the town crier from feudal times. Spouting the declarations of the "kings" (the PTB, Fox News, Rush, Levin, etc) to keep the peons subservient. Any critcal thinking contrary to such decrees are met with swift and harsh "punishment". "Hear ye! Hear ye!"

Hooray4US said...

As the snopes article points out, those McDs that installed these devices did so in response to declining demand for their "products." Has nothing to do with rising wages or a means of punishment (much to RWD's dismay, as he seems hell-bent on punishing everyone possible).

There are websites for thinking grown ups discussing economics, the economy, financial and other related issues. There are true concerns about increasing technology, replacing workers with various types of automated systems, including robots. The use of technology to replace workers - not driven by low wage workers' demands for higher wages, I might add - does pose some critical concerns for society in general.

For example, as technology will and does replace certain types of jobs, what then do citizens do to earn a living wage? Does it make sense to replace certain types of jobs with automated systems? How far do we want to go with AI and so forth.

These are issues worthy of discussion, but all RWD wants to do is parrot out punitive, ugly diatribes at what he perceives to be those lowly scum who are beneath contempt. It's all part of the gig of convincing RWD that he's actually part of the 1% when he's not... as well as getting RWD to do the dirty work as a brown shirt of the PTB. Way to go.

Anonymous said...


Hey RWD, when's the last time you used the self-check out machine at your local WalMart or grocery store??

So now you think you'll use some machine at MickeyDs because the dog forbid some wage slave is asking for a small raise?

You wouldn't know how to use it. Your only hope is that these stores keep paying humans to serve your nasty white ass.

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