I think most of you have seen and if you have this just hit delete.  If not, here it is a must watch!!!

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) turned the tables on the media
and asked them questions about Benghazi.   The silence was deafening.
Best video clip I’ve seen in months.   I hope you watch it ~ it’s only 3 minutes.
The Media should be embarrassed by Congressman Trey Gowdy’s questions.

This is most certainly the most embarrassing event that has occurred in the last 16 months.  The burden falls on the media who have not done anything to investigate this.
Have you seen this video yet? It's amazing!!!!!! 

After viewing this 3.5 minute video,
I urge you to forward it to your sphere of influence.


gruaud said...

Hey Trey, where was Bush during 9/11? Where was Reagan during Beirut?

Not only have all SEVEN previous Congressional investigations found no wrong-doing, but independent investigations by various news publications and media also could find no wrong-doing. Of the 4 victims of Benghazi, 3 of the victims’ families have vehemently protested any further investigations as they felt all questions had been answered and they do not wish for their dead relatives to be used for further political grandstanding.

Just to be painfully clear: This investigation has nothing to do with justice for the victims and is purely politically motivated by the GOP. A waste of MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars and an utter fucking disgrace.

But it's all the Republicans have, which is remarkable after one and a half terms.

CharlieE said...

We know where Bush was on 9/11. He was where he belonged - in an elementary school.

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