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These body scans at the airport are getting a little personal....


Anonymous said...

Just had to get that Barney Frank dig in, didn't they?

Yet left out any attempt at a Larry Craig "wide-stance" joke, or a Mark Foley "we know his measurements even if you don't" joke, or a "Ted Haggard really enjoyed this but can't admit it joke", or...you get the point.

Marc with a C said...

In the words of the guys at Balloon Juice, I would like to welcome all our new-found defenders of personal liberty and freedom on the conservative side of the aisle, but seriously, where the hell have you been??? The cognitive dissonance must be deafening.

ferschitz said...

So by giving away my rights to privacy - solely in order that John Chertoff and Dick Cheney can rip off the gullible teabagging public in "name" of keeping us "safe" from "terrorists" (but not safe from our own home-grown zillionaire rip off artists) - somehow that means I'm keeping all of my "freedumbz"???

Yeah, right. I'd prefer my tax dollars going to upkeep and maintenance on our nation's infrastructure, on strengthening the FDA's ability to check and regulate egg & peanut butter factories owned by gazillionaire pals of Chertoff & Cheney (for starters) so that citizens don't get sick & die from salmonella, and the list goes on. Of course, why spend tax dollars for the common good, when those same taxes can go straight into the pockets of our zillionaire overlords? Moloch must be fed, after all.

These rape-scan-cancer machines do nothing to make anyone "safe." They are a financial windfall for Chertoff & Cheney.

Note how this propoganda format works. Wonder where this comes from?? The Kochs? Or KKKarl Rove??

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