Fw: The Conversation

President Obama had only a brief conversation with General

McChrystal about Afghanistan and the troop buildup that McChrystal proposed.

After listening to multiple dumb questions and even dumber statements, General McChrystal was concerned that the President did not understand the situation.
President Obama sensed this and told him, "I bet when I die, you'll piss on my grave."

General McChrystal answered, "No Sir, I've always said that

when I get out of the Army, I'll never stand in another line!"


Anonymous said...

Well done wingnuts. In one short email you managed to insult the President, General McChrystal, and our brave men and women in uniform. Bravo.

Celia said...

This joke is probably as old as armed combat itself.

ferschitz said...

Agree w/Celia. I know I've seen varients of this over the years. Stupid but not the worst we've seen here. Whatever...

Anonymous said...

The idea that President Obama is stupid is just never going to fly.
Are there really people out there with so little discernment that they can't recognize an intelligent man when they see one?

Anonymous said...

Who was the last intelligent Republican president?


Who was the last intelligent
Republican president with scruples?


Since 1900, how many stupid Democrat presidents have we had?


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Nikola said...

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