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2 great (and true) concerns raised by a van driver. Let's keep this one moving!!!

Great Question - Cool Van

The words bring up an excellent question.

Why would an elitist government not support their constituency in the same manner as the gov. supports themselves?

Answer, because they are arrogant, elitists!!!!


Anonymous said...

Stupid Van: baseless arguments.

1. The health ins industry is out of control and is costing the USA too much money wasted on pointless bureaucracy and excessive CEO salaries.

2. The health ins industry regulations WILL, in fact, have an impact on the ins that the POTUS (and his family) and Congress currently enjoy, but they are likely not to be negatively impacted.

3. What the Dimocrats (some of them) are attempting to pass is something that would enable the 47 mill without access to health ins to get some kind of ins that would be somewhat in league w/what the POTUS and Congress enjoy. In other words, citizens can take advantage of healt ins, instead of being locked out.

4. This non-argument that trial attorneys are the root cause of all evil is a non-starter. EVEN IF there were new limits placed on judgements ag health care issues, it would have almost ZERO impact on limiting the escalating costs of health ins. It is b.s.

5. And finally, most laughable of all, is the big ole sign saying: "95% of money raised by trial lawyers for public donations is given to dimocrats." Wowee Zowee, gosh Mr. Wizard, and something like 95% of all donations raised by Big Ins is given to Repukes. And ONE BIG GUESS who raised MUCH more money and gave MUCH MORE to rightards....


But here is a good example of SHILL Repuke propoganda at its finest... realize it bc it WORKS.

gruaud said...

Not that this will mollify the easily duped, but in case anyone is wondering...


Anonymous said...

Page 114, line 22-ish:
"(3) EFFECTIVENESS.—The ceasing or termination of a State-based Health Insurance Exchange under this subsection shall be effective in such time and manner as the Commissioner shall specify."

Well, that sure doesn't sound like anything relevant.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's the Democratic "government" trying to deliver healthcare to the poor and middle class that's "elitist"!

The filthy-rich CEOs and shareholders of the multi-billion-dollar health insurance industry are jus' regular folks! Who really care about you.


Editor said...

Linda Douglas is "incorrect". Congress ALREADY VOTED to not requiretheir participation in "Obamacare".


But what would you expect. She gets paid to lie.

Also, "Union Members Exempt from New Health Benefits Tax"


Anonymous said...

@ Editor

I'm wondering if you understand what the public option actually would be or how it applies to health care reform. Its not a single payer system. It doesn't replace private insurance. It may not even be included in a final bill.

Congress already has government run health care. Its very good. It doesn't make any sense to require their participation in a new public option, which would be a new program set up to provide a competitive option.

We could require Congress to use the public option, but that's beside the point. The hysteria about Congress "forcing" people to give up their health care in order to enroll in a government run program is just that- baseless, stupid hysteria.

No one is taking away the current private insurance based system. If you have health care currently, then you keep it. If you don't, a public option may be a viable way for you to purchase health care. That's it.

Anonymous said...

Clearly conservatives don't want to be honest. Their sole goal is to obstruct anything and everything that Dems support. Even IF some initiative would be beneficial solely and only to Republicans (IF such a hypothetical situation was possible), the GOP would be AGAINST it on principal.

BHO stated it clearly at his address to congress on 9/9/09: their goal is to oppose everything for the political aim of getting back in power. Well, that's politics - to a certain extent. But they are standing in the way of progress on any level, and continued obstruction becomes counterproductive for the country as a whole.

If you're not going to help out, then get out of the way.

Idiotic non-"arguments" that the POTUS or Congress have "opted out" of the public option are dumb statements to gin up gullible Repubs into frantically protesting something that would potentially be of value and help them out.

The POTUS explained it very clearly: the public option is there to assist those who either cannot AFFORD health ins or those who are unable to PURCHASE health ins right now bc of pre-existing conditions.

Getting really tired of the ginned up FAKERY of the right. It is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would prefer a single-payer system, whereby Medicare was offered to everyone. Ask ANY senior: they are happy w/how it works and provides them with coverage without worry and concern.

I'm not all that thrilled with still giving the majority of the power to big Insurance, but I'll accept whatever improvements can be offered.

Frankly it stymies me why Republicants are so "concerned" about "losing" their "great health care" from Big Ins. Most are not aware of the huge out of pocket expenses they'll incur if, gawd forbid, they or a family member gets really sick, requires surgery or has a bad accident. Most of us w/health ins provided by our companies or institutions are not that well covered any longer.

A single-payer system has been demonized by the right, and they dealing in LIES. I have quite a few friends and family members living in Canada, England and Australia. They are appalled at how INSANE the Repubs are acting and are insulted at how their health care systems are being lied about. I don't know anyone who is unhappy w/health care in those countries.

More LIES by the lying liars on the right. Don't be fooled by what they say. NO system is perfect, and ALL systems have problems.

The USA system, however, is BROKEN and must be repaired and improved now (not later).

katz said...

Who do you think this van belongs to? Plumber? Air conditioning unit installer (can you imagine a "professional" pulling up in front of your house driving this?)? Someone who just thought a white cargo van would make a good car? Or perhaps the most likely: someone who lures children in with candy.

Anonymous said...

You may be correct that the final bill won't force anyone into the "public option", however you are missing the bigger point. What do you think employers will do when they are faced with huge taxes for offering good health plans. They will dump their employees off on the "public option". Read the parts of the bill that address "Cadillac" health care plans.
I am begging any of you in favor of this disaster of a plan to tell me exactly where in the Constitution it says that healthcare is a right. Also, where does it give Congress the authority to pass a bill that can put someone in JAIL if they don't have healthcare.
!!!!!!!!!!!READ THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

What do you think employers will do when they are faced with huge taxes for offering good health plans

They'll pay less for Cadillac health care plans and increase employee compensation accordingly.

No one gets "dumped" in the public option. If they choose to join it, as they might since its part of the health care exchange, they'll have to pay for it just like any other health care program.

Also, where does it give Congress the authority to pass a bill that can put someone in JAIL if they don't have healthcare.

The Constitution gives Congress the authority to levy taxes and fines. Failure to pay these can result in jail time. This is civics 101 (hell, its not even 101).

!!!!!!!!!!!READ THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Only if you promise me the founders had a better grasp of punctuation than you do.

Ed Darrell said...

Anonymous had it right in spirit; this provision is fictional, not in the law. Both Congress and the President are covered under Obamacare, not under any special provision:


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