Reader follow-up on "Fwd: FW: Fw: Interesting yes? What a black columnist has to say about Obama. What do you think?"

Follow-Up: I always wonder if it's worth the trouble to try and convince a right-winger that his/her forwards are factually insufficient dribble. It just seems like a waste of energy.  I have no faith that members of the forwarding right are able to fully read a counter-reply from a critical recipient and are willing to pull of their red-lenses long enough to contemplate sources other than Fox News Co. and email.

Roy in New Mexico has the good faith I lack; he actually researched a nice (if not a little gnawing) reply to the below forward post "Fwd: FW: Fw: Interesting yes? What a black columnist has to say about Obama. What do you think?", calling out New York Sun columnist Ken Blackwell as the political tool he really is while shining some light on the true media bias:

"I thought you might be interested in my reply ro the blackwell e-Mail"


----Begin Reply----

I appreciate receiving the Blackwell comment with the vile comments by some brain-dead moron. You realize of course that:

Blackwell is a lousy propagandist for Murdoch’s New York Sun, Right-wing website, and a “Senior Fellow” at the far-right-wing Christo-Nazi Family Research Council. The column quoted by the wild-eye, brainwashed e-mailer first appeared at on March 14, 2008.

Blackwell did his best to disenfranchise Black voters in Ohio. The Ohio election was rife with, deception, dishonesty, and outright fraud. He has been shown to be a liar on many occasions. Despite being so reviled and beaten so badly in Ohio, he remains a darling of the Rapture Right. Kenneth Blackwell: Pontificating from on high posted here offers a good overview. .

So Blackwell regurgitates that fake National Journal analysis without even referencing the source. This piece of propaganda has been debunked and ridiculed by so many sources (but not the corporate media which just joins in this Big Lie) Here are links to a three of my favorites:

* Daily Howler It isn’t that hard to debunk phony spin. Let Jon Stewart—a comedian!—show you: Here.

* Huffington Post Flawed Study Ranks Obama As "Most Liberal

* AlterNet Debunking the Myth of a 'Liberal Media'

Only the totally brainwashed, intellectually deprived, or totally ignorant could believe Blackwell’s screed that consists of nothing but wild, false, and many-times rebutted accusations, ad homium attacks, and outright LIES. Which is your friend? Treat them gently, they obviously have a lot to learn.


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