FWD: This is a 'Bombshell' Article

Subject: This is a 'Bombshell' Article
Date: Sunday, January 24, 2010, 12:39 PM

Date: Sunday, January 24, 2010, 11:45 AM

It's Hillary in 2012, if Obama even makes it that far

By Bryan Fischer

There is virtually unanimous agreement that President Obama is toast. Mort
Zuckerman says the air is out of the balloon, and even Der Spiegel is
saying that, for German commentators, the hope is gone. In my judgment,
Obama is now a lame duck president with 75% of his first (and only) term

ObamaCare, his signature issue, is dead in the water and Democrats are
floating belly up right next to it. Think Corzine, Deeds, Coakley, Dodd,
Dorgan, Snyder, Nelson, Lincoln, etc. etc.

If the Democrats do not insist that Obama resign from office — politically
unlikely to be sure — they are liable to be dessicated, withered and
powerless by 2012. His coattails are just long enough to drag them all
under unless they detach themselves immediately if not sooner.

The natives are restless. If I've observed any one thing over time in
politics, it's that the only thing that matters to 95% of politicians is
getting re-elected. They will sell their soul to anyone who will ensure
re-election and abandon any principle and any friend who serves as a drag
on their electoral hopes.

The president is now dead weight, an albatross around the neck of every
Democrat member of the House and the Senate. They simply cannot afford to
be linked to him anymore. He is blindly pursuing policies that the great
majority of Americans flatly reject, and yet he soldiers on, oblivious,
perhaps through sheer hubris, to the fact that voters aren't buying the
swill he is trying to sell as champagne. Congressional Democrats have got
to get as far away from him as they can, and they will. Sheer
self-interest will dictate separation.

Obama is a disastrous 0-5 on the campaign trail, in his first year after
an inauguration attended by unmatched euphoria and expectation. Few in
political history, apart from appalling scandal, have fallen so far so
fast. He is the Tiger Woods of the political world. He got hosed in
Copenhagen, trying the bag the Olympics for Chicago. He got hosed again in
Copenhagen, trying to impose economy-destroying carbon caps on the entire

And he got hosed in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts when he tried
to lend his now vanished charisma to troubled candidates. He's now
preparing to make it 0-6 by going to Nevada to prop up the dismal fortunes
of the thoroughly unappealing Harry Reid.

Congressional Democrats now can safely ignore their own president, and in
fact must do so to preserve any chance of survival. Dick Morris is surely
correct when he says that the president will never be able to pass a
significant piece of legislation ever again. The American people are
watching, they know he cannot be trusted, and they will beat the daylights
out of any politician who supports his disastrous agenda.

He has grossly misread the American public, perhaps again because in his
insular and self-adulating world he believes he is the smartest person in
the room and is sure that his brilliance will inevitably be recognized by
the great unwashed. Ain't gonna happen. The American people are a lot
smarter than he thinks, maybe even smarter than he is, and surely wiser
when it comes to politics. They will never trust him again about anything.

The president is catastrophically weak and naive when it comes to our war
against Islamofascism. He is indifferent, desultory, casual, and lacking
in seriousness regarding the threat. The American people know this. He
waited three days to say anything at all about the Tighty-Whitey Bomber of
Christmas Day, his Pentagon whitewashed completely the jihadist attack on
Ft. Hood by refusing to use either the word "Islam" or "Muslim" anywhere
in its 86-page report, and he nominated a manifestly unqualified man
(Erroll Southers) to head the TSA.

If there is another successful Islamic attack on the United States, and a
planeload of innocent Americans gets blown up, I believe that will be the
last straw for this vain and incompetent president. The American people
will hound him out of office. He won't be able to show his face in public
because the reaction will be so visceral and angry. He will become as
isolated as Dick Nixon became in his last days in office.

He'll crank up the Oval Office thermostat to 72 degrees and hunker down in
an effort to ride out the storm..

Hillary Clinton is of course watching, and I have been predicting for
months now that she will launch a primary challenge to Obama in 2012.. Rush
Limbaugh said much the same thing this past week. The campaign of 2012 is
her last realistic shot, and she is shrewd enough to see that he is
finished as a politician and she'll just be too old in 2016.

Surely the Democrats in the party will see the same thing, and know that
if they back Obama in 2012 they will be backing a loser. Believe me, there
will be an underground movement among Democrats to plead with Hillary (or
somebody) to save what shreds will remain of their party from The One in
the next presidential election.

President Obama has no chance at a second term. And eroding chances of
completing his first one.

© Bryan Fischer


gruaud said...

Hey Bryan, crap in one hand and wish in the other.
What did you end up with, you little Idaho goose

And here you are, throwing it at Obama yet again.

Anonymous said...

What a weird article. Most of this is crap obviously, but I think this guy needs to learn the meaning of the term "hosed".

Getting "hosed" means you get cheated or treated unfairly. Similar terms include: Shafted, screwed over, jobbed, and robbed. Please make note of it in your future attempts at writing. I can handle shoddy, partisan hack articles, but it pains me when language is mistreated like that.

Anonymous said...

Please look up the word "unanimous". Then, please explain how Mort Zuckerman and a survey of guys in your hunting clunb constitute "unanimous agreement". Your response should be a minimum of 750 words, but no more than 1500 words.

ferschitz said...

Bleeding-edge progressive/liberals (such as myself) are upset w/BHO, and we are more & more seeing him as toast (our opinion), too, but for very different reasons than this rightwing fanatic. We are mainly upset because we feel BHO is a corporate sell-out and much too rightwing for our taste (again: my opinion).

However, most super liberals agree that BHO still has a chance to turn the situation around; we're not all that confident that he will (to our liking). But to simply write him off at this point is foolish. Plus BHO's poll numbers are not that bad, so this nutjob is engaging in wishful/ hateful thinking.

Finally, what universe does Bryan Fisher live in? Why in hell would Democrats "insist" that BHO "resign from office"??? WTF? How nonsensical is that? The POTUS does not come with a "lemon law" buyer's remorse option. If only they did, I wouldv'e demanded that W resign after his first day in office.

Per usual, conservatard nonsense. So stupid, plus filled a lot of fear fear fear mongering for no reason. Most of this is pure unadulterad junk and bears no relationship to the reasons for my disappointment with BHO.

Thx 4 Fish said...

It's sad and disturbing that many rightwingers are so isolated by their own media choices, that they might feel this document is a either a bombshell or represents unanimous opinion. It is simply another sad example of anti-Obama propaganda. These email forwards tell us a lot about how RWers feel, but not much else.

Marc with a C said...

Wow, someone's fantasizing. I may not like Obama, but I'm sure as hell voting for him in 2012.

gruaud said...

Like most progressives, I'm PO'ed
at Obama, as well...for liberal reasons -- not stupid reactionary

Message to Barack: STOP

That aside, like Marc w/ a C says,
why the fuck would I ever vote for
a jingoistic, John Birch lovin', teabagging, birther, mouthbreathing
neanderthal neocon?

I'd sooner cut my hand off.

Anonymous said...

The usual drivel, with one notable exception.

Can someone tell me what in god's name the thermostat has to do with any of the rest of it? And why 72 degrees? (Not 71 degrees, not 73 degreees, oh no, he will crank it to SEVENTY TWO...)

Are we supposed to beleive that Obama is some sort of alien who will start spawning clones at exactly 72 degrees as a last-ditch attempt to...what?

katz said...

This one goes to 72.

Remember, if you say he's a failure enough times, he'll eventually become one. Now repeat after me:
Katz is a millionaire, katz is a millionaire, katz is a millionaire...

ferschitz said...

katz is a millionaire
katz is a millionaire
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- and while we're at it:

ferschitz is a billionaire
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- don't worry, comrades, I'm such a PINKOcommiesocialist that I'll SHARE it with you, if it comes true, so repeat after me:

ferschitz is a billionaire
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