Fw: Next Season on Dancing with the Stars


ferschitz said...

Shouldn't they have created a photoshop of that immortal scene in Star Wars II (or is it V??), with Roger Ailes' blubber face photoshopped onto Jabba the Hut & Bible Spice's face photoshopped onto Princess Leia's gold-bikinied body (which is attached by a gold chain around her neck to Jabba)?

That would be more accurate.

Not really "getting" this photoshop, but no surprises there. Rightwing humor FAIL as usual.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is really a right-wing forward. It's more like a silly pop-culture pun. I think I saw this thing back around the election. The point of the joke is that the "stars" of each ticket are Obama, not Biden, and Palin, not MCain. Dancing with the stars is/was popluar, and they are the "stars" their repsective ticket - get it? It's just sort of a silly pun on the news.

Anonymous said...

I'd watch that.

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