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bendk said...


gruaud said...

There are literally millions of people in this
country who would rather see America go down
in flames rather than share it with minorities.

And they all listen to the divider-in-chief,
Rush Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

See, white people govern like THIS, and black people govern like THIS!

ferschitz said...

Hey Gruaud!

Hasn't Limbaugh been a PIECE of work lately? Gad. It is beyond all imagining how that sick fuck is behaving re BHO & Haiti. Just when I think that there is nowhere lower that bilious creep can sink, it proves me wrong. UGH!

Everyone: please donate what you can to Haiti relief efforts. Those poor people.

It is "jokes" like this that permit rightwingers to behave the way they do, which is to excoriate BHO for everything, absolutely everything, that he does. I would dearly love to engage in rational discusssions/debates about our gov't with Republics, but they have been brainwashed into opposing everything this Admin does, no matter what. It is beyond ineffectual to the point of being almost criminal.

Rightwingers' attitudes towards the Haitians - because of the KKK racism of Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Sean Hannity, Glennn Beck & Sean Hannity - is beyond disgusting. That American citizens could feel no inclination to help Haitians because their corporate overlords tell them to behave this way is frightening & disgusting.

At first I was irritated that BHO asked W (of all people) to assist with raising $$$ for Haitian relief, but I agree with this tactic now. For Republics to feel that it's "ok" to donate $$$ to Haitian relief, BHO has to have someone like W involved. Otherwise, Limbaugh and his sick minions accuse BHO of "stealing" the relief funds. What a bunch of jerks.

As rightwingers love to say: God help us all!

Celia said...

What is the point of this picture? And why would someone think that .002 seconds in MSPaint was funny enough to send to everyone? I mean, if you're going to be obnoxious about current events, at least try to make more effort. Take some pride in your work!

Tootseye said...

To Celia: I think the "point" of this picture is that rightwingers wish to say "Happy Martin Luther King Day" to the leftwing, doncha know?

Isn't racism fun? Wheeeeee....

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