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Subject: America Rising

I think this says it all. Pass it on!!



Anonymous said...

Oh, this idiotic thing is EVERYWHERE.

As right-wing propaganda goes, it's a tad cleverer than most, but still utterly transparent for anyone with critical thinking skills who knows what words actually MEAN.

First, tap into the appeal of change a lot of people felt when Obama was elected. Then, tap into the frustration a lot of people continue to feel due to the fact that 1) Obama and the Dems haven't managed to fix in 1 year the economy that Bush-Dick spent 8 years destroying, and 2) Obama and Dem leadership really are more centrist and cautious than some may have hoped.

The, twist it all around, and make it out to be "socialism" (it's not) and "liberalism" - when the Dem's biggest failure so far has been cooperating with the righ too much and not being left ENOUGH.

That way, the cause of the problem - Dems being too centrist and not left enough - is twisted around into it's opposite: they're "socialist" and "too liberal".

If Obama and the Democratic leadership started acting more liberal and socialists rather than less, we'd be better off.

We'd also be a lot better off if the American people actually knew the difference between government bailouts of private interests, and real socialism.

Anonymous said...

What a load of bullshit.

This stupid video talks about how "we" trusted Obama and the Dems, and so "we" elected them, and now "we" don't want anymore of their "socialism".

I'll bet every dime I have that the makers of this video (and anyone who agrees with its message) never even considered voting for Obama, or any Dem for that matter. This is a bald faced attempt to co-opt the results of a progressive election in order to serve an ultra reactionary cause.

I guess when your cause is full of idiots they'll believe whatever crap you spew out. Up is down. Left is right. Bullshit is gold!

Marc with a C said...

Anon 2 nailed it.

By saying "we" voted for Obama, the makers of the video are only using the term in the broadest possible sense of the word.

So spare me the self-righteous indignation at being "betrayed." It's not like you were ever gonna vote for him anyway.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Are there any members of the Republican party with a fully functioning brain? I look at the candidates, and I am not impressed. The talking heads have enough brains to twist the truth into a shape they like, but the rest are lazy-minded followers who only want to be told each and every day by tv, radio and email how "good" they and their politics are and how "bad" those other folks are. gag, gag, gag

ferschitz said...

To be completely fair (not that I want to be), there was a small minority of Republics who switched sides & voted for BHO (at least there were testimonies on leftwing blogs saying this; I don't know if the blogs were fake, but I don't think so).

However, THIS is not written by such folks; it is produced by a rightwing thinktanks sponsored by the Koch's or the Scaife's so that rightwingers can self-righteously "pass it on" as if it was full of truthiness... which it's not.

I agree that it would be a butt-freezing day in Hell before anyone who indulges in these kinds of RWFs even considered voting for a Dem, much less a dusky skinned individual such as BHO.

No, you did NOT vote for liberals, you liars. You voted for Bible Spice and all that she represents. BHO is hardly liberal, much less promoting socialism, a term which wingers don't understand.

The conservative dominated, rightwing, so-called "traditional" media has done a good job, though, at promoting these lies as if they are true.

Most of these people just hate BHO because he is an African American, and the Republics use code words like socialism to make it "politically correct" to spew forth hatred and lies.

Tootseye said...

Dana Perino started the trend to say that terrorism didn't happen until after Sept 12, 2001. Then Rudi Guiliani stepped up to bat to say that no terrorist acts happened under W AFTER 9/11.

Other ReThugs have been playing with this spinning wheel attempting to rewrite history in order to blame the Democrats for whatever ills have befallen this country.

Now Karen Hughes is saying that W saved the economy becaue of TARP, and that all other problems with the current economy are solely and only BHO's fault.

The trad media is owned by big corporations, so this is the "line" that they wish to put out there. It's obvious that it's a concerted campaign to re-write history to say that Rethugs were GREAT in office, while all current ills are solely the fault of BHO & the Dems. It is a campaign strategy.

This video is just part of the whole kaboodle and is underwritten by big corporations or rightwing think tanks. Just watch & listen, and you'll see messages like this all over. It's no accident, even if all are complete LIES.

Stay awake. Pay attention. Keep pointing your friends and colleagues to factual info.

gruaud said...

Good comments, all.

You would think Americans could remember
what transpired over the last 8 years of
Republican rape and pillage, but you would
be wrong, apparently.

So easily misinformed because they want to
be misinformed.

It's sad that the GOP will eventually regain
majorities in Congress and win the Oval.
Then they will finish the job of enriching
the richest 1% and turning the rest of us into
a Third World labor pool.

They don't even try to hide their agenda.

gruaud said...

C&L does a spot-on analysis.


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