Fw: A Real Christmas Miracle

Subject: A Real Christmas Miracle

This guy really gets it.

From: Dr. Bill (a renowned, retired orthopedic surgeon) Date: 12/29/2009 3:31:30 PM Subject: A Real Christmas Miracle

Nothing like listening and watching the news to get your mind off your own, more immediate troubles. Since this most recent terrorist attack, the news services have been buzzing with new developments and the reactions of the pundits and politicians on this subject.

I refer, of course, to NWA flight 253, from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Detroit, Michigan, where one Umar Farouk Abdulmutollah set off an incendiary device, in an effort to kill everyone on board, over American soil, using specially prepared underware, laced with powdered explosives.

The terrorist is a 23 year old Nigerian man, whose own father, a prominent businessman, warned our embassy that his son was a radicalized Muslim, bent on jihad. Hmmmm...young Muslim man attempts to blow up a plane arriving on U.S. Soil, on Christmas Day (second holiest day of the year for Christians, not the first, as erroneously reported by some—that would be Easter). Nice. Think that might indicate a religious motive,
I.e.., an act of jihad inspired terrorism and a direct affront to Christians? Naaah!

According to our eminent Secretary for Homeland Security, this past Sunday, "the system worked." Really? (Where DOES he get these idiots to serve in his cabinet?) Next day, a 180 degree about face, with words to the effect that the system DIDN'T work, after all. Dammit Janet! (inside joke—Rocky Horror reference)

The TSA response? Now, no one can go to the bathroom for the last hour of the flight (good luck if you're pregnant, diabetic, on diuretics, have prostate enlargement, etc) AND you can't have a paperback book, or blanket on your lap. You just have to be bored for an hour. Then, after the outcry at this stupidity, they modified the policy, so now the captain of the plane can decide.

Idiocy. All of it. This does NOTHING to insure our safety. Where are the trained dogs, to sniff out explosives? Where is the rational profiling of potential terrorists? Are we all to die, for fear of offending our enemies?

This guy should have been on terror watch lists. He paid for a one-way ticket, with cash and no luggage. He lacked a passport, yet was allowed to get on board the plane. WHAT "system?"

Then, the President, after delaying 72 hours, y'know, just to be sure he's got all the info correct, came in off the golf course in Hawaii, long enough to mention the pro forma phrases expected about the "alleged" "suspect."

Alleged? Suspect? Legalistic terms, which reveal Obama's legalistic frame of reference. It is KNOWN that this guy actually detonated his igniter. Luckily, he's not too swift and his bomb assembly in the bathroom of the plane was faulty. Otherwise, we'd have had a real massacre in the air, with nearly 300 dead.

Thanks to a Dutch guy, with some balls, who grabbed this moron, subdued him and said moron's own ineptitude in bomb assembly, he wasn't successful. But he DID set off his device--we were just lucky that it failed to detonate. This was NOT a crime, like holding up a liquor store, or mugging an old lady. This WAS a terrorist attack. Not attempted either--completed, but fortunately unsuccessful.
This was a real Christmas miracle.

This was also an ACT OF WAR by people who hate us and want to KILL US. Somebody clue-in the Commander-in-Chief.

Then he said something that should send chills down your spine: He said that this was "an isolated incident."


We know this guy was radicalized, per his own father. We know he was trained by Al Qaeda in Yemen. Al Quaeda has taken credit for the attack, publicly. "Isolated incident?" Are you friggin' kidding me?

Our President STILL can't bring himself to realize or admit that we're in a WAR with maniacs, religious fanatics, who think that killing innocent civilians is doing Allah's will. (As if an all powerful, omniscient, transcendant Deity, who created all the world and all of us, believers and infidels alike, needs the likes of these unwashed mongrels to do His will. Well, one cannot expect logic from a fundamentally non-rational construct. But I digress...)

Look, I hope I'm wrong, but I think these guys, all of them, in this Administration, are rank amateurs, if not complete fools. And I think they will continue to do incredibly stupid things, and keep their collective head in the sand, until one day, there are 10,000 dead Americans in the streets (or in the air). Then, there'll be hand wringing aplenty. And commentators will ask, in great seriousness, "What went wrong?" and "Were there warning signs?"

I don't expect genius, especially from this crowd. But I do expect common sense. And there seems to be a real dearth of that commodity in Washington, these days.

As more and more details of this case come out, one's incredulity grows apace. But now, with the "suspect" having lawyered up, he cannot now be questioned by the CIA or FBI. His "rights" would be violated. WHAT rights? So now, we can't learn about future planned attacks. That's the legacy of a "criminal" approach.

The terrorist (which is what he is) has reportedly gotten third degree burns from his little stunt, according to his lawyer. Are we supposed to feel bad for this guy? Screw waterboarding. I'm for tying this guy on an ant hill.

AAAARRRGGHH! I can't stand it any more! There are still people out there who support this Administration, despite all this massive incompetence, the spineless supination, despite the clear and present danger they represent for our republic and our safety. What will it take to convince them they were WRONG about this guy and his minions. I wish I were wrong... but I know I'm not.

Ah well, I just had to vent my spleen, one more time, for the end of the old year.

Well, up and at 'em. Talk to you soon, my friend. ’Til next time, be well.

Dr. Bill


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Judging from the headlines, the GOP wants to see this as the wedge issue to force everyone back to living in terror of terrorism.

Never mind that, for all the security measures piled on us during the Bush era, we still had attempts like this one (the shoe bomber) and actual successful attacks (anthrax letters, DC sniper, Ohio mosque attack).

Sorry, guys, but I don't think we should be declaring war on the entirety of Islam or the Middle East, or Africa.

gruaud said...

Dr. Bill doesn't understand that terrorism isn't
and cannot be treated as war. These are criminal
acts designed to terrorize a population. Looking
at how our reactionaries like Dr. Bill respond, I'd
say that the terrorists are still getting exactly
what they want: an angry, irrational reaction
where an entire culture has war declared on them.

Then our army ends up playing whack-a-mole
in some remote hellhole for the next 10, 20 or 30

And that is a huge WIN for these terrorist assholes.

Terrorism is just a fact of life. You deal with it
like it is organized crime. A "War on Terror" is
insanely expensive, both in treasure and blood.
It is also wildly ineffective, as we have seen for
the last eight years. They're STILL trying to blow
up planes. Blasting a mosque with a hellfire
missile isn't going to stop that.

Anonymous said...

So according to Dr. Bill the President just can't come to terms with the fact that we're in a War with Al-Qaeda.

I guess Obama sent those 30K troops to Afghanistan so they could have a nice vacation.

ferschitz said...

Most of the security measures that the public sees, such as the TSA at airports, is little more than cosmetic window dressing to prop up the idea that the gov't is actually "doing something" in the purported "war on terrorism." Most frequent fliers, such as myself, know that airport security is mostly a joke and very reactive rather than thinking ahead.

We still have done little to nothing to improve security at our ports or long-distance transportation means, such as trucking and rail roads.

I agree with Gruaud and others. We really need to get away from the idiotic notion of a "war on terror," and treat these threats & actions like the criminal actions they are. Plus the USA needs to get over itself. All countries everywhere are facing the same or similar problems. It is a relatively newer thing to happen here, esp in terms of foreigners coming here to cause problems. But so what? It's happening everywhere.

Wasting money on senseless wars that cannot be won anyway is pointless except for the criminals, like Cheney & Rove & Bush, who are making bazillions of $$$ from the military-industrial complex.

The sooner citizens wean themselves away from the outdated cowboys & indians with the cavalry riding in to save us all fantasy of the US military, the sooner we can MATURE and do more sensible adult planning to ensure as much safety for citizens as feasible.

This fairy tale notion that US citizens can always be perfectly safe no matter what is a giant sucking lie, which is being forced onto credulous chumps who are easily manipulated by fear.

Enough already. Let's grow up, put away our childish and useless ideas and come up with better means of dealing with the realities of our present-day lives in the 21st century.

Plus this endless cycle of whining, complaining, pointing fingers and blaming, IMHO, also just plays into the hands of terrorists by distracting citizens and not focusing on the real issues and problems.

Anonymous said...

"There are still people who support this administration despite all this massive incompetence"
Unlike the last administration, who allowed three thousand people to be murdered after being warned that bin Laden was planning to strike, and had one of the plotters in custody at the time of the attack...

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