Fw: Fw: Sweet Home, Alabama!

Subject: Sweet Home, Alabama!

You may have heard....

Obama will be making no more public speeches in Alabama ....
He claims every time he gets up on stage to make a speech,
some damn Alabama cotton farmer starts bidding on him.


ferschitz said...

Never forget: KKKwingtardzKKK simply are never, ever racist.

Hey morans: THIS is called racism, no matter what you jerkwads wish to call it.

Disgusting as always, and uh, let's see: it took, like, what? a week for the next racist ignorant shit to be shoveled out. We got several nasty racist shitty things pushed out right at Christmas, just so that we could all be reminded about "the reason for the season" from hypocritics on the right.

Racist, ignorant, horrid shits.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is like a two for one deal! Not only do you show racism here, but you also show an insulting stereotypical ignorance toward the people in Alabama-- which happens to be one of the biggest red states out there. So now you've gone and insulted your friends, too! Great job there, wingtards!

Granted, I'm from Alabama and don't meet that description myself. We do exist. Maybe the whole Alabama racist redneck insult thing was aimed at people like me.

Anonymous said...

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