FWD: Government Flow Chart


gruaud said...

Riddle time!

Hey teabagging dummies, if the Republicans
control the oval, the house, and the senate...
what changes?

Answer: everything for the worse.

ferschitz said...

This graphically illustrates the Republic victimization mindset. It's all about blaming someone else for your perceived problems, and not offering one single solution. They'd rather whine in their guano while doing nada to clean up the mess.

Frankly, this same illustration could be used if the Republics were in charge. What's the difference????

As I warned everyone here... the Republic-dominated, conservative Activist SCOTUS is the one who took the biggest dump on all of us, and yet, oddly enough, I don't see them on this graphic. hmmmm, wonder why that is??

Anonymous said...

'Funny, how the Repubs -- now supplanted by Neo Nazis -- are really quiet about their flubs.

Just eight years to ruin the world, the Right's version of Creationism!

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