MyRightWingDad needs help -- and no, not financial ...

Since taking over from blog-creator Mike, I've been the sole content-provider for this blog. I think I have done a good job -- two posts a day during the week, one a day on weekends, almost without fail -- but I am ready for a co-host.

I need someone who can load content to the site and format it accordingly, and (pardon the cliche) take the site to the next level. I'd like to see MRWD have a Facebook presence, for example. I'd really like someone who is more Web-savvy than I am to help out.

There's no $$$ involved. When my wife lost her job, I sorta poked around looking at making some $$$ from the site (it gets lots of visitors) but I really think it needs to be a free resource uncluttered by advertising.

I am not dumping the entire operation on anyone. I will continue to be involved. Two or more volunteers would be even better.

Interested parties can respond to

curator, MRWD
Avant Gardener


Thx 4 Fish said...

You have done a great job Dave! Thanks for the great site--it has helped me keep my sanity-- especially during the election.

I've often wondered if organizing this takes up a lot of your time. Not that I have extra time... but I do have teenagers who are Facebook savvy, so if you don't get an offer for help with the Facebook, I'll see what I can cook up with my kids' help. I'll email you my contact info...Thanks again

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