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Subject: Haiti


I saw on the Internet and the television that Haiti is without a government.
To help them out, I would like to donate one Obama, one Pelosi, one Reid, one Frank, one Coakley and two Clintons!

They may keep them permanently!
I'd give them a constitution to, but I can't find mine right now!


Anonymous said...

I'd give them a constitution to, but I can't find mine right now!

Oh wingnuts... Still haven't learned the meaning of irony yet, have you?

Anonymous said...

No government in Haiti? Then the Libertarians must be heading there in droves, to live that government-free life of excellence and superiority that they're sure they were born for.
Can't wait to see what happens next.

bendk said...

There are waaaay too many black people in Haiti for a libertarian to live there.

gruaud said...

1) Making the Haiti disaster into a joke

2) Using said "joke" to make a dig at democrats

3) And, as others point out, your utter fucking
cluelessness about what happened to the
Constitution while Commander Bunnypants
and Darth Cheney were in charge.

And you wonder why normal people shun you?

ferschitz said...

Irony is lost on this crowd, as is caring, thoughtfulness, kindness, concern, and the real teachings of Jesus.

As Anon said, I would've thought that teabaggers would being packing their bags and moving there in droves. This is the reality of no government, which they profess to hate, shun and wish to destroy here. Note that they don't have a constitution because they don't believe in it.

I can help out with that: I'd be glad to buy the first 20 teabaggers one way tickets to Port-au-Prince first class, if they promise never to return.

katz said...

In all fairness, I'll have to demand a little crowbar separation between libertarians and racists. Not that there isn't overlap, but libertarians really are their own thing politically and they often don't align with all the tenets of mainstream conservatism.

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