Fwd: FW: Congress Votes to Outsource Presidency




bendk said...

But if Obama is really from Kenya.. isn't it already outsourced?

ferschitz said...

Well the Supreme Court just outsourced ALL of our government, from the lowliest locally elected position straight up to the POTUS, SCOTUS and entire Congress on January 21, 2010.

Tea Party Nation better stop wasting their time on trivial junk like this. They've been royally screwed along with the rest of us.

As I've said many times, the Oligarchs in this country, like the Kochs, the Scaifes, etc, have paid handsomely (chump change for them) for astroturfing the Tea Party movement as a means of furthering the divide between the right and left. As in: united we stand, divided we fall.

Tea Partiers *may* think that 1/21/10 Supreme Court decision is all of their starburst wet dreams come true, but eventually even they may wake up from their daze to realize that they've been had.

Wake up, citizens! I'm really serious about this one. I've worked in the legal field all my life. This is one really, really bad decision.

For another insight, rent John Cusack's flawed film called "War, Inc." It's not fantastic, but it gives a view of what our future could be like when the corporations OWN us. Make no mistake, Chief Justice John Roberts just sold YOU into slavery to the corporations.

gruaud said...

Also recommended:

'Family of Secrets' by Russ Baker, shedding
light on how the Bush family has had its
finger in every malevolent piece of pie
served to the American people, going all the
way back to the Gilded Age.

Consider the last 50 years that America has
endured. Hell, just consider the last 10.

None of it was by accident.

The latest SCOTUS decision is part of the
pattern, clicking neatly into place.

ferschitz said...

Heh. Guraud, you & I are reading & commenting on the same posts on other blogs, esp FDL.

But I agree w/you: that book is well worth a read. It's all there. Been following this stuff for years.

US citizens are like those frogs put into cold water and then slowly brought to a boil. By the time we figure out that we're dying, it's too late to have the energy to jump out of the pot.

I've been saying stuff for years that even my leftie friends have told me that I'm crazy. Well, who's crazy now???

This whole situation is really dire, but I think we're really screwed.

Again: tea partiers need to wake up and realize who the real enemy is, and it ain't the liberals.

gruaud said...

Hey ferschitz...I comment on Poorman, Oliver
Willis, Sadly No, Gin and Tacos, Driftglass, and
here, of course.

I haven't commented on FDL in ages because
the sheer volume of comments just drowns you.
Same with Kos and Eschaton. I sure read 'em,

Every once in a while I visit Instapundit, Red State,
and Newsbusters...and it's always the same: the
racism, xenophobia, eliminationist rhetoric, and
the usual teabagging silliness.

Their hatred of everything different distracts
them from what's really important -- namely,
that the corporations have taken over the country
and we are rapidly approaching Gilded Age II.

ferschitz said...

You have a stronger stomach than me to visit the rightwing sites; I usually catch the drift from blog commentary at DailyKos or elsewhere. While it's of some value to see what they're saying, as you indicate, it's usually nihilistic racist b.s. with nothing factual to back it up.

Although I am guilty of mocking the right (here esp), I think that distracts me from attempting to build bridges with the more sane among the conservatives (they do exist). I think if we want to get anywhere (if it's possible anymore), we need to band together.

I think what upset me the most about the "Tea Parties" this summer was how very much they bought out by the corporations and were so much in massive denial about that fact. By watching RM's show, esp, it was so clear how they were being led around by the nose by Big Insurance, the Koch brothers and others. They hate it when we say that, but it IS a FACT.

It's quite clear that the oligarchs, like the Koch brothers, the Scaifes, the Bush family, Murdoch/Ailes, are all out to divide citizens and pit us against one another. Fear & anger is their most effective tool, esp, it seems, with the rightwinger/ authoritarians.

I suspect that we have more in common with at least a portion of the Tea Party folks than either side might think. That we all easily fall into the trap of getting mad at one another is a shame, really, because we are then screwed no matter what. United we stand and divided we fall together, whether we like each other or not.

I'll get off the soapbox now and see you out in blogsylvania. TTFN

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