Fw: Fw: A Message To You From Your President Regarding Healthcare

A Message To You From Your President Regarding Healthcare
Message to you regarding health care.


Anonymous said...

Oh please. President Obama wants every American to have affordable health care. How awful.

Anonymous said...

Why do you want everyone who is already paying for health insurance, pay also for those who can't pay for it........sounds like SOCIALISM to me!

Anonymous said...

Kinda funny really. No matter what your viewpoint.

ferschitz said...

I think the message is being aimed at Big Insurance/Pharma/Medical Device industry lobbyists, the rightwing thinktanks, and probably also Dick Cheney, not US citizens.

Tootseye said...

Wow, lookit that. BHO has psychically picked up EXACTLY how I feel towards Republics and their nasty, lying obstructionist-for-no-real-reason-except-politics behavior over HCR. Thanks, BHO: you are perfectly conveying exactly how I feel towards wingtards in this case. Tell it!

Marc with a C said...

Um, guys


I mean, you can even see his fingernail where they basically used the dropper to get one shade of his skin color and then colored it over.

Based on this image, it doesn't so much look like Barack's giving us the finger, as it does kinda look like he decided to give Bo his own prostate exam and save on vet bills.

regeya said...

Heh. I saw this one ages ago, slugged as being Obama's gesture toward a FOX photographer ;-)

gruaud said...

My sentiments exactly to you teabagging morans.

And, with that, farewell.

ferschitz said...

Oh I figured it might be a photoshop, but I like the message that BHO is giving to Dick Cheney anyway.

However, "the finger" does sometimes get captured for real in a photo. Years ago (before Photoshop was invented) I bought a post card with GHW Bush captured giving "the finger" (accidentally??) with the caption on the post card "Read My Lips!"

har de har har

ferschitz said...

Good-bye, guraud, wherever you're going!! Good luck. It's been fun blogging with you here. Best to you and happy new year. Come back and blog again some day!

Anonymous said...

Doesnt really matter what the point of the caption and the photo ultimatley is. Obama Care is finished. Better luck with your next Socialist.

Anonymous said...

@ anon

Could you please tell us who our first socialist was? Because none has ever occupied the Oval Office, past or present.

gruaud said...

I think chucklehead is referring to Obama; although a smarter,
more cynical teabagger would
probably say FDR was the first
socialist. As always with these
assertions, it is breathtakingly

@ Con-anon: the first step to
freeing your mind is to stop
watching Glenn Beck.

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