"I get right wing forwards all the time from my relatives. This one was pretty bizarre and I don't see anything about it on Snopes.com. " -David

For those who haven't kept up with the mysterious death lists of yore, this is a totally new and exciting entry into the proudly morbid circle of death mail.

I imagine it takes time and imagination to generate such a detailed "judge for yourself..." list. Has anyone seen such a list for McCain? What about our unimpeachable president?

UPDATE: Add one more to the list. MRWD just received a new forward profiling a mysterious sex, drugs and murder story for us all to enjoy:
Fwd: This is getting scary now...

Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 21:58:00 -0600
From: xxxx@comcast.net
To: xxxx@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:

Good God, David, his body count has almost surpassed that of the Clintons! See http://www.etherzone.com/body.html..
I wish this wasn't true, but I checked it out on Snopes and they confirmed it. Please send this to as many people as you can, especially those who might be thinking of voting for B. Hussen Obama. We cannot have a man like this in office.

The Obama Death List
The following is a partial list of deaths of persons connected to Barack HUSSEIN Obama during his time inside the United States. Read the list and judge for yourself...

SARAH BERKLEY - Author of "The Jihad at the Ballot Box" - a book examining Obama's relationship with radical Islam. Died in a mysterious car crash in 2003. RUSSELL MCDOUGAL - Former FBI operative, January 23rd, 2007. McDougal was known to hold sensitive information about meetings Barack Obama had with arms smugglers. His wife was murdered March 2006 after he went public with his initial reports. His father died July 8, 2006 four hours after McDougal presented his findings on the Savage Nation. Suffered administrative retaliation after reporting discussions by jihadist groups concerning Obama to his superiors.
RODRIGO VILLALOPEZ, a television news camera man who shot the footage of Obama describing small town voters as "bitter" and "clinging to their guns during the primary season.
BRIAN GORING - A defense attorney for Obama patron Antoin Rezko during his trial for extortion and bribery. Died of apparent "natural causes."
MERCEDES HUGLEY, one of Obama's many white, female conquests while at Harvard. Filed sexual assault charges against Obama for date rape in 1990. Because "date rape" was not considered a crime like it is today, she ended up dropping the charges. Two years later, she was found dead of an apparent cocaine overdose.
TAMIKA HILL - A former secretary for Obama's office in Chicago was murdered July 6, 2005 at a rib shack in the south side. Hill had spoken off the record with a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times about meetings Obama had with black militants in the city. She was murdered before she could ever be properly interviewed.
HASAD AL SHAREEZ - FBI informant. Reported to his handler in January 2001 that he had a tape about of a person named simply "B. Hussein" meeting with 9/11 hijacker Mohatma Atta in Prague. Was found shot in the basement of a mosque in Dearborn, MI in October, 2001.
DARSANO RAHARDJO - Childhood classmate of Barack Obama when he attended a madrassa in Indonesia. Was found with his head cut off in a Jakarta alley way in 1970. Many children at the school attributed Rahardjo's murder to the young Barack Obama. It was likely done as an initiation ritual, since Islam demands that a boy spill another's blood before the age of ten to prove their loyalty to Allah.
REVEREND DAVID MANNING - Former head of the Trinity Baptist Church in Chicago. Was murdered during the apparent robbery of a catfish restaurant in 1972. Shortly afterwards, Rev. Jeremiah Wright took over as head of Trinity and a many parishoners (who later left the church) suspected Wright in having a hand in Reverend Manning's death. Decades later, Manning's son JAMAL MANNING was found dead of an apparent crack overdose in 2004. It was rumored he was going to bring evidence of Wright's complicity in his father's death. His testimony was timed to coincide with Obama's first senate race.
CHRISTOPHER HARGROVE, A former lover of Larry Sinclair. Found dead in a hotel room of apparent auto-erotic asphyxiation in January 2001. Was said to have been enraged when he found out that Sinclair had cheated on Jackson with Obama in the back of a limousine. To get revenge, Jackson planned to release digital pictures Sinclair had taken of the encounter on the Internet.
PAUL ROTHCHILD - Democrat National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Washington DC in 2003. A "friend and trusted advisor" to senatorial candidate Barack Obama. Dead of an apparent suicide.
CURTIS "POOKIE" JACKSON - Chicago drug dealer. Was the subject of a police investigation in which he was suspected of funneling money to Obama's many various community projects. Killed in 1998 in an apparent gang murder.
HARVEY KENYON - Head of Obama's senatorial security team in Chicago. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside of Grant Park in 2005. Kenyon's son said his father was building a dossier on Obama. He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house
SHEILA BAUGH - A Washington DC madame. Died from a gunshot wound. Reported to have a black book of people containing names of influential people who visited the prostitutes in her brothel. One of those names was allegedly Barack Obama.
KEYSHAWN "SPOON" CALWORTH - Was found dead of an apparent heroin overdose May 18, 1997. Was reported to have ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
LAWSHAWNA MARTIN- 26 year old mother of five, a Cabrini Green resident with a history of substance abuse. Told two of her co-workers at the Blue Peppermint Gentleman's Club that she would have to quit work because she was pregnant again. Strongly implied that the "baby daddy" was Barack Obama. The next week, she was reported missing. No body was ever recovered, but Lawshana has not resurfaced since making those remarks.
BILL FERGUSON- Senior aide to Barack Obama. Found dead of an apparent heart attack.
GANDY BAUGH - Attorney for Obama friend Antonin Rezko died by falling out an eightieth story window of the Hancock Tower, January, 2003. His client was a convicted Chinese spy.


Anonymous said...


See just the banter between pissant and wtc911 at:


Or read the whole thing:


Anonymous said...

Did a girl name MERCEDES HUGLEY file a record of Date Rape aganist Obama? Is there a police record? Is there a copy on file?
This is a inportant key!

Anonymous said...

@ Dean:


Anonymous said...

I think this is just a right-wing smear campaign against Obama.

dday said...

Gandy Baugh was actually on the Clinton death list of yore...


Anonymous said...

Moar Victims!

Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi - Jedi Master/Desert Hermit. Vaporised during a light saber duel in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. Had ties to Reverend Wright.

John Brown - Sheriff. Survived by the Deputy. Had ties to the Black Panthers.

Benjamin “Uncle Ben” Parker - Beloved Husband and Philosopher. Died during an apparent “mugging”. Had ties to the Black Panther.

Greg M said...

Um, only two of these people exist. The Reverend JAMES David Manning is still very much alive, and a pastor at a different church--Fox news had him on a few months ago:

Writes Sadlyno.com: "We’re coming up cold blank on several so far, including the ‘Sarah Berkley’ who wrote the apparently nonexistent book, The Jihad at the Ballot Box." That's right. There is no such book as Jihad at the ballot box.

You can't open the windows on the 80th floor of the Hancock tower, and Gandy Baugh died at home in 1994. Also, as another commenter noted, on the "Clinton death list."

Here's the rest of the compilation:
None of them:

- LAWSHAWNA MARTIN. Also, there is no such place in Chicago as the Blue Peppermint Gentleman’s Club.

- BILL FERGUSON, who turns up nowhere on Google despite being a “senior aide” to a man running for President of the United States.

- KEYSHAWN CALWORTH. Nothing on Google except this list. (Which, I think, is probably a joke, its presence on MyRightWingDad notwithstanding.)

- SHEILA BAUGH. At least in the context of being a DC madam, as opposed to an Arkansas realtor.

- HARVEY KENYON. No Google references, despite being an Obama security boss as recently as 2005 who was allegedly murdered. How come whenever I was leaving Grant Park, I could never find these “deserted intersections”"?

- CURTIS “POOKIE” JACKSON. Doesn’t show up on a list of murdered Chicagoans from 1998, despite having a pretty common name.

- PAUL ROTHCHILD. No one by this name was ever Political Director of the Democratic National Committee.

- CHRISTOPHER HARGROVE. The only place this name occurs on Google in conjunction with Larry Sinclair is, surprise! On this list.

- REV. DAVID MANNING. The Rev. James David Manning is the head of a black megachurch in Atlanta, and is still alive. Rev. Jeremiah Wright took over the Trinity United Church of Christ (not the Trinity Baptist Church) in 1972, but it was from Reuben A. Sheares, not David Manning. Sheares was alive and healthy when Wright took over the job.

- DARSANO RAHARDJO. Nothing on Google. Also, my copy of the Q’uran doesn’t say anything about Muslim boys having to commit ritual murder to prove their loyalty to Allah, but it’s widely considered a liberal translation.

- HASAD AL-SHAREEZ. Again, nothing on Google. “Hasad” means “envy” in Arabic.

- TAMIKA HILL. “tamika”+”hill”: lots of results. “tamika”+”hill”+”murder”: 0 results.

- MERCEDES HUGLEY. For the record, date rape was a crime in 1990, too.

- BRIAN GORING. There really is a Brian Goring who’s a Chicago attorney, but he’s still alive, and no lawyer by that name worked for Tony Rezko.

- RODRIGO VILLALOPEZ. Incidentally, more than one cameraman filmed that campaign stop; why did Obama direct his wrath only at poor fictional Rodrigo?

- RUSSELL McDOUGAL. The Federal Bureau of Investigations makes public lists of all of its agents who have died in the line of duty, and none of them have been named Russell McDougal. No one by that name ever appears to have been on Savage Nation, either.

The only name on there that’s verifiable as a real person on Google is the guy who supposedly died twice, once by Clinton in 1994 and once by Obama in 2002.

Greg M said...

Sorry, forgot the main point: Only two of these people exist (okay, three if you count Sheila Baugh), and two of them are very much alive, and the last one died in 1994.

Wow. Just… wow.

Aren't you guys usually better at this stuff? Did you not think someone would fact-check this?

Erik said...

If Obama is so good at assassinating people and making it look like accidents or natural causes why hasn't he killed people like McCain, Kim Jung Il, Osama bin Laden, Rush Limbaugh, etc. People who REALLY have stood between him and the presidency?

Anonymous said...

Also missing from this list:

THOMAS and MARTHA WAYNE, liberal Philanthropists with connections to Obama through the Wayne Foundation. Both murdered by muggers. Survived by their son, Bruce.

Anonymous said...

B. Hussein throws his white grandmother under the bus. This week Estelle Getty turns up dead. It can't be a coincidence. Vote for McCain if you respect your elders and don't want to seem them bouncing around under buses.

Anonymous said...

Like this matters - i already got the email that proves Obama to be the anti-christ, cmon.

Anonymous said...

He was so good at assassinating them that they retroactively never existed.

That's *power* folks.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's possible to read the entry on Darsano Rahardjo and not laugh. Nobody actually believed that one, right?

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine if someone pulled one of these 'death lists' for Cheney or Bush?

Lotus said...

Islam demands that a boy spill another's blood before the age of ten....

Um..., isn't that the Klingons?

Hyperman said...

Don't forget Obama and his minions also controls Google results, so it's normal he erased all results about these people, it's part of the conspiracy !! : )

McCain death list would sadly include a long litany of Vietnamese names.

Anonymous said...

How surprising. Not one shred of truth or reality in this list. Typical right-wing lies. Now how about that Bush death list? 4,000+ soldiers, 3,000+ from 9/11, 100,000+ Iraqi civilians, 1,000+ New Orleans...this is just the short list. Bush has a body count behind him that would make Charles Manson weep. Hitler's getting nervous that someone's trying to lap him. Nice try, douchebag. Next time, please try to have ONE SHRED of reality in your ramblings. Your "list" is just plain pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This is a left-wing attempt to discredit any attempt to discredit Obama and those who discredit him.

A right winger would have better information, such as for the Clinton Death List.

This is the equivalent of Burning the Reichstag.

Putting up a phoney death list that is VERY EASILY proven to be false. Too easily, in fact. Especially since most of the people on the list never existed.

Anonymous said...

If right-wingers were smart, they would put up a McCain Death List including women McCain raped. Then watch as the left shrieked with glee at their discovery.

Make it so that every name on the list was a made up person who never existed!

In fact, the left has been caught time and again making things up - witness Dan Rather with his "old letter" nailing Bush. So old that it was made with MS Word and not a typewriter. Ooops. Finally someone figured that out.

Sprint said...

Curtis "Pookie" Jackson?

Oh my god! Obama killed 50 Cent and gave him the nickname "pookie"! That bastard!


Anonymous said...

So, if I understand correctly, Obama attended a radical Muslim madrasa in Indonesia, killed one of his classmates as part of his initiation into Skull 'n' Bones 'n' Jihad, and years later it's his fellow jihadists who are eager to spill the beans about the crime?

Also, I guess the wrist strength necessary to decapitate a fellow 9-year-old would explain how Obama made that three-pointer in Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

"Greg M" = Obama campaign trying to squash this.

So the reporter who broke the "bitter small town Americans story is dead"

Why am I not shocked that Obama would set his Chi-town mob buddies or terrorist allies to take this guy out.

Anonymous said...

I heard he has death ray eyes and that he gave Novak the tumor as "payback" for Plame. I have to go now and buy more Reynolds Wrap to make my new hat.

Anonymous said...

Oh and another thing, before you go complaining about "the Google" - just remember that it's a privately owned company, like Exxon Mobil. You wouldn't be suggested something as pinko as "regulations" to impede the web industry? Would ya?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you godless, racist rednecks could all be so stupid as to believe this crap. People like you are destroying America with your ignorance and intolerance.

Mike and Friends said...

Hmm? Godless rednecks? Us?

Well, this archive blog may be (happily) Godless, but you are missing the point if you think anyone here actually believes this forward is a real account of Obama's quiet murder spree.

Why not stand back and enjoy it for what it is? An email forward most red necks would laugh at.

You should take a moment a look at some other emails here at our forward museum. The latest McCain one is best read out loud, preferably while standing on your desk, foaming.

Read this and you will feel better.



JohnKanaka said...

gotta love unsubstantiated whisper emails- they usually originate ( but not always ) from nutjob sites like freep.org and Newsmax.
usually prefaced with My father/sister/uncle/monkey sent this too me, blah blah blah....or "don't know who wrote this but it's on the money"
How do you spot one ?- they usually cite Snopes in a semi-authoritative way ( So it Must be true! Snopes may says that partof it is true...as for the rest....) Bunch of conspiracy theory nutjobs. The irony is crimes are committed ( no wait they're just violations of the law, sorry) in our faces on a daily basis, and yet we are blind to see them for what they are.
How about a Bush Death list? Let's start with his tenure as governor and work from there.....

Anonymous said...

If Obama's already so powerful as to kill all these folks, then why the hell does he need to be President?

Anonymous said...



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Harry Winston said...
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Unknown said...

It's no wonder I fear so much for my grandchild's future when I know there are Americans that live in such small tunnels in their minds that they waste their time writing poison propaganda instead of using that energy for the good of all. I'm tired of hearing about an America that is reliving the evil joy of Salem.

Anonymous said...

How did bombing people ever become legal without a proper vote anyway?

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Unknown said...

Yes.I know who has a copy his name is David Houston.He was a former aide to Mass State Sec.William Galvin.He was also a personal assistant to the Koch Bros.If you need any Cambridge documents at Harvard.MIT.Courts City Hall. He is the discreet go to guy! I saw civil suits filed

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