Fw: Watch Quickly Before It Is Pulled

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Don't eat anything before watching this!!! BARF.

If this is for real, it is really scary!!!

Please watch the video clip below by clicking on the youtube website.

This is "supposedly" the video that FOX NEWS

has been trying to show that is constantly blocked

by the administration.

Watch this QUICKLY--before it gets Pulled



Thx 4 Fish said...

Barf? really?

Can you imagine the high pitched wails, the knashing of teeth, the rending of garments, the calls for civil war if the Obama Administration ever tried to "block" Fox News from airing something or interfered with them in any way? Even the FCC can't touch them. Fox already won a legal battle whose argument was that they simply "don't have to tell the truth" I do look forward to the day their blatant promotion of violence comes back and bites them hard on the tush, it will be the public that turns on them then.

gruaud said...

Any news organization that
trumpets that it is fair and
balanced is always anything but.

Just remember: 'Pravda' means

Snarla said...

I don't suppose this is the Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape that totally really exists?

Anonymous said...

It's every clip of Obama saying anything in Arabic or anything about Muslims edited as narrowly as possible to "present the evidence" for Obama being a Muslim.

Because that's way more important than any of his actual policies, you see.

Peter said...

"Watch this QUICKLY -- before it gets Pulled"

It was posted on YouTube on 07 August 2009.

Glad I watched it quickly.

ferschitz said...

What's with all the repeats lately? Rightwingers must've run out of new things to get massively angry with lately, so they're just recycling old junk.


Hooray4US said...

Yes a repeat, but it is interesting how the rightwingers set up this victim mentality by the "watch quickly before it's pulled" meme. That is another brainwashing tool... as if lefties or BHO or someone are sitting around censoring crap like this.

Another way to make them feel persecuted by Democrats, when nothing of the kind is happening.

Wake up! You're being had, but it's not by the leftwing.

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