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Personally, I only intend to tell them how many live at this address - nothing more. I sure hope they can read my signs if they plan to go door to door. I take "no trespassing" seriously and so does Otis!

Please watch this video about the Census

This is useful information to know before you fill out Census info this year. It looks like they are going to attempt to extract some highly personal financial information.


By the way, if you do not answer the questions, the Census Bureau will send you notices and threaten to levy a very large fine for lack of cooperation. I have not participated in a few censuses in the past and they did send threatening notices, but eventually they stop sending them.

FYI. The Census Bureau has plans to hire 1 million temporary workers this year, which will make it appear that the unemployment situation is improving--and just in time for the elections. The Democrats will be touting the reduced unemployment as proof that their plan is working. Anyone care to bet against that?


ferschitz said...

Has this been sent out by that renowned astute intelligent Representative, Michelle (bring on teh crazzzeeee) Bachmann?

Seriously, only righties can find something wrong with anything and everything that happens during this admin. Needless to say, if the census was happening under Sainted Ronnie of the Ray-gun or W, these same conservatards would be peeing in their pants with bliss to give the exact same info to "Daddy."

Of course, it was W who started illegal wiretapping of all citizens, and these same idiots thought that was just great. Now they get a 10 question census, and their shaking in their booties because... because...

Get a life, ya losers.

gruaud said...

I notice that FOX is doing its part to whip up
hysteria over the census, such that we get old
cranks like Jerry Day freaking out.

Conservatives with brains have one objection to
the census; everything else is just misdirection.
If the census demonstrates that certain groups
in the US have grown, they are likely entitled to
fair representation in congress.

And that is unacceptable to them.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for it! Conservatives, heed thsi prophets call: refuse to participate in the evil Census!

That way only Democrats will be counted, and so representation and resources will be shifted to them and away from the uncooperative conservatives. They get the "smaller government" that they seem to crave, and we get a government which isn't hijacked by conservative idiots. A win-win! I love it!

Hooray4US said...

Thanks, Anon: I agree! This is a win-win, if conservatives refuse to do the Census. Just means more re-districting in favor of Dems... but it will only be the fault and responsibility of Tea Partiers, who refuse to take part for no real good reason.

More fool them (what else is new)?

Marc with a C said...

"Pesky government agents knocking at your door"

Ok, that's officially creepy. It's only a matter of time before someone takes this kind of rhetoric to its logical conclusion and decides to unload a shotgun on some underemployed, 20-something college grad making $20 an hour 4 hours a week getting people to fill out forms.

Snarla said...

So who or what is Otis? Rottweiler, Smith & Wesson, or inbred family member?
My money's on rottweiler.

katz said...

I'm a former census employee. If this guy does open his door a crack, he'll get handed a slip of paper that says:


Your answers are confidential and protected by law. All U.S. Census Bureau employees have taken an oath and are subject to a jail term, fine, or both if they disclose ANY information that could identify you or your household.
Your answers will only be used for statistical purposes, and no other purpose. As allowed by law, your census data becomes public after 72 years. This information can be used for family history and other types of historical research."

More here.

Anonymous said...

Snarla: My guess on "Otis" would be the guy currently before the Supreme Court challenging the Chicago ban on handguns. He says youngsters have broken into his house three times and threatened him with guns, so he needs a pistol to defend himself...

...which, regardless of your stance on guns, is a very strange thing to bring up re: the Census.

Anonymous said...

As a former Census employee, I can attest that at least some of what this guy is saying is true. In theory failure to complete the short form census as well as long form/ACS is a misdemeanor, but I've only heard of it being actually enforced twice in the last decade. Once for a guy who informed them he would actively campaign against them and refused, and another who assaulted a worker, unprovoked with a baseball bat.

It was a shitty job, and I always hated informing people about the misdemeanor part because it gave assorted conspiracy theorists and and bitter old john birchers a chance to "stand up to the man". They can literally threaten field workers, who are not allowed to carry guns, and get away with it.

But in general the guy sounds like just a jackass.

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