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God is on the move people, be prepared America will be next !!!!!!

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It’s a Miracle! Really. For 26 years we have been waiting for this. The curse is being reversed over the nation of Haiti! The president of Haiti, Rene Preval, canceled the Voodoo celebration of Mardi Gras and called for three days of fasting and prayer! You’ve got to see this to believe it. Over a million people gathered. Please watch this video, it is a history making moment. You will both weep and rejoice. The earth travailed and shook and sons and daughters of God are being born into His Kingdom. Remember Paul said all creation is groaning, in travail, for sons/daughters to be revealed – and they are! I can hardly contain my joy! At the church at Saintard where Phyllis teaches there are already over 150 converts. God is on the move! Thank you for praying.
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Anonymous said...

So God allowed a horrible earthquake to happen, killing tens of thousands and devastating an already impoverished nation, just so a bunch of people would stand around and pray to him? I'd like to give God a lot more credit than that. If it was true, then I'd say god is an evil, petty little diva who can go screw himself.

And "a million people" showed up? Bullshit.

CharlieE said...

The God of these lunatics IS such a God. If you fail to believe in him for the short 70 years or so you get to live here, He will punish you for all of eternity.

The God of Republicans is a petty, selfish, narcissistic, vindictive God.

And He opposes health care reform, too!

Celia said...

Haiti is actually a Catholic nation.

But they're black, and speak French and have funny customs (like all foreigners), therefore it can't be good honest Christianity like Mother used to bake.

son of dad said...

I haven't checked my email yet, but I can count on this one being there, thanx mom!

ferschitz said...

Most people don't understand what Voodoo means. I come from a Christian family, and they believe that anyone who isn't Christian is, by definition, worshipping the devil. I don't agree with this notion, and many other Christians don't agree either.

From my perspective, some segments of the US Christian population have been co-opted by the politicians. This kind of fear mongering and bigoted labeling of "others" makes it easier to make you "hate" and fear, as we see in the prior RWF post about Muslims.

This is just similar stuff. I feel a lot of sympathy for the Hatians and what they went through. Perhaps there were a million or more at this festival, and I don't blame them for how they reacted and behaved. It's quite understandable and probably brought them so measure of comfort and peace. good luck to them.

If some Christians in the USA wish to characterize this as symbolic of casting out the devil or whatever, that is about THEM, and not representative of whatever religious practices that Hatians engage in.

Anonymous said...

If there was one consolation from the tragedy in Haiti, it was seeing Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh get a little bit of push-back for once on their dearth of human compassion.

Hooray4US said...

Pat Robertson and Lush Rimjob got "push back" for the lack of compassion over Haiti? I mean, really, did they?? If so, I must've blinked and missed that one. No offense, but if those 2 got any "push back" at all, it was short-lived, not generally broadcast out there, and no doubt had no affect on their giant pay checks, other than maybe getting a bonus from their corporate overlords.

Plus many of their listeners or sycophantic fans called in to agree heartily with both men, and vowed not to give one thin dime to those eeeeevil devil worshippers, who surely brought this natual disaster upon themselves. Rush and Pat were cheered for their "bold and truthful" stands about Haiti, at least in some circles (and by racisists everywhere).

Hard to imagine either getting "spanked," imo, but if you say so...

Unknown said...

So maybe I'm thinking about this incorrectly, but isn't Mardi Gras a Catholic celebration? You know, as in couldn't be more christian?

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