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This is a great video of a Michigan congressman speaking on Obamacare.

It is worth looking at.

Subject: See Video before it is removed.


Ok,this is worth every MINUTE (ONLY 4) to watch this! THIS HITS IT OUT
OF THE BALL PARK ! AND IT ONLY has HAD 24,048 views




Zeno said...

Like your typical right-winger, Rep. Rogers comes right out of the gate with a bogus Lincoln quote.

long time reader, third time poster said...

boring guy saying basically, the government can't do anything right, so let's do nothing instead. Soon "the market" with a sprinkling of libertarian magic pixie dust will provide affordable health care to all, so keep holding your breath.

Anonymous said...

if this video is removed (from youtube? the internet? is that even possible?) it will be for lack of interest

ferschitz said...

Same old, different day. Meh. Conservatives have managed to spread the most dubious of propoganda, such as this, and rightwing think tanks send it out to credulous righties as if it's the gold standard. Spearking of which, Glenn Beck has made tons of money by getting these fools to invest in gold, as if it's the thing to do. Too bad when the price of gold drops, which it will.

Righties seem to fall for the most ridiculous stuff. Yeah: as if by magic, the vaunted "market" will take care of all of our problems. Yeah, yeah: the market! That's the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Fairly tame for a wingnut, but still a wingnut. Whining about how we are "punishing" the successful by trying to catch up to the rest of the developed world in terms of basic services.

Some bitching about how since cancer survival rates are slightly lower in Canada, HCR means that everyone in American will now did from cancer! I suppose it also means that we'll be better at treating a lot of other things, like heart disease, since the Canucks are better than us at that. Right, Congressman?

A nice rant at the end about how the spooky government is coming to get you and eat your children.

Nothing really special here.

Anonymous said...

Unsurprising to hear that most of this is bunk.

Soon "the market" with a sprinkling of libertarian magic pixie dust will provide affordable health care to all, so keep holding your breath.
Actually, his point isn't that the free market will provide. He's just beating the conservative drum that if you're poor, unemployed, or uninsured, it's your own fault, so you should be punished. Circumstances are irrelevant. Why don't you just get rich?

Ironic, then, that he suddenly turns around and complains that the government will be cutting off people's coverage... the same way our private system already does.

The one statistic these guys always pull out is cancer survival. Don't forget that we overdiagnose many types of cancer. Hooray! You survived a benign tumor that would never have killed you!

Too bad that won't help you if you're uninsured due to cost or ineligibility, an infant, a mother, or anyone who's alive.

Hooray4US said...

One of the main points, as the prior Anon post states, is that conservatives go on & on (I've had several bend my ear) about how dreadful it will be to have the gov't manage health care because somehow we will all be doomed to loss of coverage... as if that's not happening already with privatized health care.

When one attempts to point out to conservatives how health care is cut by private companies (probably more so than under the gov't), all I hear is a lot of illogical b.s. about how I have a hallowed contract with an insurance co. and that they're "contractually obligated" to provide me with coverage. The conversation just degenerates from there, with the conservative never making any sense of the valid, proven arguments and examples that I provide about how ins. co. are dropping coverage constantly.

the other contard argument that I "enjoy" is the one where - if the dreaded gov't gets involved - suddenly we'll all have to WAIT forevah to get service. As IF that's not happening now.

None of the conservative arguments make any sense, and there's a ton of contradictions, as is witnessed in this video.

I think conservatives are so used to their nonsense, outright lies, bullshit, constant deception and cognitive dissonance that they only see/hear what they want to see/hear.

Would be easier to talk to a brick wall... would make more sense.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the fact that "cancer survival rates" are higher somewhere means very little.

Higher "survival rates" can mean anything. Maybe in the place with "higher survival rates" more people getting cancer, and the "extra" cancers they get are relatively treatable, so the "survival rate" is "better". Or maybe one population is younger than the other population, so the people in the population are more likely to survive any disease. Maybe the "survival rate" is due to different personal decisions about when to stop treatment, which has more to do with cultural factors than medical ones. Maybe, as somone pointed out, the place with the higher survival rate is over-diagnosing cancer.

Who knows? It's a meaningless statistic when taken out of context.

ferschitz said...

Also I believe that Finland or Norway and Switzerland have private insurance health care, but it's tightly regulated by the gov't. This is something that those on the left have suggested, but sadly, it has gained no traction in congress. Both Dems and Republics have resisted this idea, which is unfortunate.

Agree that many of the statistics are meaningless without more context but are tossed out as scare tactice, including a lot of hot air about how seniors in Canada and the UK cannot get certain types of treatments once they are past a certain age. Doubt that this is the full truth without having more context for that, but I hear it said frequently as a justification for not having gov't run health care.

A lot of misinformation has been sent out to scare people into resisting this desparately needed change. A pox on them all.

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