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bendk said...

For having such fucked up sex lives conservatives sure care a lot about leftists'

gruaud said...

If the Repukes can gain back control of congress,
they'll impeach Obama over some trumped up
bullshit; no doubt whatsoever. That was the
gameplan all along with Clinton and it will be
the gameplan whenever a Democratic president
has a GOP-controlled congress to work with.

I wonder if Obama realizes this.

I wonder if he realizes that bipartisanship to a Republican means giving in to them on everything,
and at the end of the day, they still spit in your eye.

I wonder if he'll finally stop trying to appease the
people who hate him and instead work for the
majority of Americans who elected him in the
first place.

I wonder.

ferschitz said...

I agree w/you Gruaud. The reichwing has proven over & over that they are not at all interested in working "together" on anything at all ever under any conditions. In fact, there have been numerous instances where Republic Senators have voted against bills that they proposed simply bc Democrats liked the bills and endorsed them.

It's really a bad situation when one party is intent on hijacking the process, no matter what, and is clearly and completely disinterested in "democracy" despite how much they hype that meme, plus their weird alleged veneration of the "founding fathers."

Look, lefties had signs and bumper stickers that said the exact same thing about W, and now this lady is holding up her sign about BHO. Which does just go to show how bankrupt and dishonest the whole dog & pony show was about Clinton.

Righties still get enraged about Clinton's bj, but seriously: look at all the sex scandals on their side of the aisle, and where's their moral outrage about those scandals? Yeah, right: crickets.


Meh: this is typical rightwing hypocracy literally on parade.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I guess the Republics think Clinton's impeachment went well? It cost a fortune, look five years, distracted the media and public, and it resulted in no convinction. Yeah I guess they were content with that.

Republics make life SO unpleasant for everyone when they are out of power, they are truly a party of bullies.

Hooray4US said...

The lefties did have jokes like this about W, but we were entitled to that bc we knew the Clinton impeachment was a lot b.s., plus as Bebe said, cost far too much money - typical conservative waste.

It's kind of interesting that this teabagger lady feels no congitive dissonance in carrying that sign. Guess she doesn't care if money is totally wasted, as long as it's in the name of harrassing the left for no reason. Seems also that she's proudly proclaiming what b.s. a bj is for impeaching a POTUS, but hey: as long as righties get THEIR way, who cares about the integrity of the means?

Anonymous said...

You know, I can't be sure, but I'd wager that this protester maybe isn't a wingnut or a teabagger. The other sign next to her is an Anti-Iraq war sign, and the sign she holds could be interpreted as anti-Republican as well.

Marc with a C said...

Photoshop is hilarious.

"Would someone please give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him" has been a bumper sticker for years in this part of the country.

Besides, I'm pretty sure that's one of the naughty words wingnuts are not allowed to type.

Anonymous said...

Good eye Marc with a C. It makes a lot more sense as an old anti-Bush sign with Obama pasted over.

But I'm pretty sure wingnuts can now say blowjob as long as it is in the context of bashing a Dem. At least I've heard it from my own mother's lips in that regard.

Tootseye said...

Heh - you're right. I do believe that this is a leftie anti-war protest (from whenever), and that lady's sign probably said "Bush" rather than Obama.

Typical of the right... can't think of their own stuff, so they highjack ours and then pervert it.

I guess it must be acceptable to say blow job in rightwing circles, but only as long as it's in reference to Dems.

Of course, there is yet another Republic gay sex scandal in CA. State Senator Ashburn, notriously anti-gay, pro Prop 8, but termed out, busted for DUI after leaving well-known Sacramento gay bar, Faces, with "unknown male" accompanying him:


Since Asburn is a Republic, all he'll have to do is have a "come to Jesus" moment, and all will be forgiven, forgotten and swept under the carpet because, as we all know well here: IOKIYAR!!

If Republics get busted in sex scandals, it's ok. If Dems do, then we must waste tons of tax dollars impeaching them.

Anonymous said...

"obama" doesn't fit with the handwriting of the rest of the sign at all. it's very obviously typed in with some blur tool magics.

alcoolworld said...

It is indeed a photoshop. Here is "Bush" version... 


ferschitz said...

Typical conservatives: can't do anything on their own, so they recycle leftie stuff and then act all proud of their plagerism. Probably whoever did this thought they were really, really cool.


ferschitz said...

PS I notice, Tootseye, that there's little to no reporting on that CA Senator Ashburn with his gay sex scandal (having been adamantly ant-gay, including being loudly pro-Prop 8) & DUI while driving a gov't car. Truly, IOKIYAR is so true. What a bunch of two-faced hypocrites. But what else is new?

Finn mac Cumhaill said...

Don't doubt the republicans are passing the picture around or that given the subpoena power that comes with control of a chamber of congress we wouldn't soon be reliving the faux-scandals of the 90's ....but....

That photo was obviously taken at an anti-war rally.

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