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gruaud said...


Anonymous said...

Holy God have they run this stupid CSPAN thing into the ground. First they bitch about this, then Obama invites them to a health care summit and they whine that it will be televised! Something tells me that if all of the

Earth to wingnuts: Obama doesn't control the Congress, and so he doesn't control when they turn the CSPAN cameras on. As much as you guys like to claim he's some all powerful dictator, he actually has respect for that little thing call separation of powers. Amazing, I know!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I guess the teabaggers just won't understand something more nuanced or clever than this stupid, racist sh*t, so they keep it simple enough for any moran. You won't even need that 8th grade certificate to understand this one.

ferschitz said...

As the Church Lady used to say on SNL years ago: well, isn't that SPECIAL??

Yeah, yeah: ho ho we're being "secret" racists now and being all clever-y and cool-y because we used a $3 word that's just so subtle and all. What a bunch of losers.

The Tell, though, is towards the end, where they re-run the SOTU speech where BHO calls out the SCOTUS on the Citizens United case, which some here will recall that I've been screaming about how horrid this decision is for all of us (including teabaggers).

I find it interesting that in this nasty racist bullshit diatribe, there is focus on that. Giving a very quick glance at the comments (yeah: don't spend more than 3 seconds doing that or your eyeballs will melt & your brain will implode) leads me to the inescapable conclusion that the "average" viewer of this will not "get" at all the import of that SCOTUS decision.

But these dumbfrack teabaggers will get their jollies off going: wooo wooo wooo Judge Alito mouthed "that's not true," so now I'm happy as a little girl (to paraphrase yet another great SNL skit) and I now have proof, proof I tells ya, about what a horrid commienazisocialistnword Obummer IS!! PROOF!

And so, that's how the brainwashing is done... at least in this particular instance. It's actually kind of interesting. Have a "secret" code word for n****r, have some ZZTop dude singing a hard-ass song and then pump out the fnords and rightwing shit, and hey: ya gotta winner.

See it as educational. Learn from it. This is how they do it... leading teabaggers by the nose to vote against their own interests.

Anonymous said...

This was only done so they could say negger and Obama in the same sentence.

Thx 4 Fish said...

so right ferschitz. When first i heard a poll about the SCOTUS decision, 80% of Americans were against it. When the think tanks get done with their propaganda campaign, the teabaggers will be demanding the decision be left to stand in the name of freedom.

ferschitz said...

I really encourage everyone to go out and look at this video. It's very cleverly done, and it's a good example of how rightwing propoganda works. Pays to be informed, imo.

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