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For those of us in retirement and for our children and grandchildren . . .
we are in a world of hurt!!!! God be with us all . . .m2
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Read and Cry


Marc with a C said...

I very sincerely doubt someone who died in the 1960s would be so stupid as to refer to the democratic party as the "democrat party." Morans!

oops said...

Actually it can be referred to as the democrat party. You don't call it the republicanic party do you?

Thx 4 Fish said...

Oops: It is a grammatical difference between a noun and an adjective. While the word Republican is both an adjective and a noun. Democrat can only be a noun. Hence a Republican (n) is a member of the Republican (adj) party. A Democrat (n) is a member of the Democratic (adj) party. It sounds really ignorant to use say it otherwise. But I'm sure being ungrammatical is not a problem for many people. Ain't that right, uhuh!

gruaud said...

AAAAAAAHHH!!! The Socialist boogey-man!
Cry contards, cry. When you're not stealing
and obstructing, you're either throwing a
tantrum or crying for your imaginary America.

1) Norman Thomas rocks. Try reading up on
him...he was truly a good man. He was wrong
about a few things, but no one's perfect.

2) He never made that quote, as much as I prefer
socialism to Frankenstein capitalism.

katz said...


Right. In fact Republican (the noun) is a substantive: a noun based on an adjective. It's basically an adjective-noun phrase with the noun left out and implied. For instance, if we talk about "the homeless," we're really talking about "the homeless people" (or something like that) and leaving the last word out.

But it doesn't work the other way. Adjectives get formed from nouns all the time, but always with a suffix. I can think of a few stray counterexamples (a brick building), but the use of suffixes is overwhelmingly more common (a wooden building). Democratic must have the suffix, or it isn't an adjective.

I'm not a grammar Nazi, I swear.

Anonymous said...

I giggle every time someone is terrified of Democrats being too "liberal." Look out, they might not make deals directly with the industry they're going to regulate next time!

Hooray4US said...

The whole meme that the Democratic party is insanely liberal is another rightwing think tank ploy that these people fall for hook, line and sinker. The Overton window has been pushed so far to the right that the Democratic party is really pretty much the new face of what used to be the Republican party (as in: "your father's Republican party").

It's all done for Kabuki show. The corporations are running the show, and while a lot of progressives get that, teabaggers are quite content to be led around by the nose acting out, yelling and screaming at leftists.

Sadly, we're not the "enemy." They're being fooled, but don't want to take the time to really figure it out. sigh

Anonymous said...

As for the folks who claim that the recently passed health care reform is socialized medicine, that would be the case only if it prevented doctors from charging patients and put them all on government payroll.

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