Fw: Watch Before Pulled Off of Air

Subject: Watch Before Pulled Off of Air

Shared with “all” the folks in my address listing (with very few exceptions). A must see & hear. (This is about the Muslim Extremist Major (a.k.a. Terrorist) who killed 13 at Ft. Hood.)

Better watch this before it is removed from the 'net.'



Anonymous said...

CBN, the "news" show with bonus commentary from wacky ol' Grampy Pat Robertson! Hey Pat, are you sure the Army didn't sign a pact with the devil?

Good thing we can chalk this up to "a jihadist theology," since God-fearing conservative white guys can never be terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Again with this "watch before removed" business. I love how they try to inject this crap with some excitement and intrigue. You better watch this "truthful" video quick, before the big back liberal One World Order finds out about it and somehow manages to censor it.

Do they really think its so easy to censor the Internet? And even if it was, do they really think that liberals have the time and/or desire to run around scrubbing it clean of conservative nonsense. We may not agree with the crap you say, but you're certainly free to say it.

gruaud said...

Censorship is a conservative trait, not a liberal one.

ferschitz said...

Agree w/Gruaud, just ask any librarian who is more likely to want to censor: conservatives or progressives? Nearly 100% of the time, it's conservatives.

So this meme of "watch it quick before it's censored" is just projection of what conservatives want to do themselves constantly.

Stuff does "go away" from the Internet, but it's nearly always because the host has dropped the service, or is no longer in business, or other similar situations. Much more about business issues than actual censorship, but contards wish to gin up interest and ongoing outrage, so they make it seem like they're constantly under seige. Bogus.

Snarla said...

I wasn't willing to watch this garbage. Anybody willing to give me a rundown?
Just the usual "Islam hates everybody" spiel?

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