FW: Ten Basic Principals for Conservatives

Ten Basic Principals for Conservatives

1. Obama is president in name only. He is not an American citizen. His color is not the issue. Colored people have rights too. They can be president but they have to be born here. Negroes should be thankful that slavery brought their ancestors here so that they could become American citizens. Obama is not American, so he has no right to be president and he is a socialist and should be impeached.

2. Taxes are what kill this country. We pay taxes and where does the money go? To the government, that’s where. And government can’t do anything right. Besides tax money is spent, spent, spent on entitlement programs for moochers, like welfare and food stamps for people who won’t work for a living.

3. Illegal aliens will bring America down. They come here and have kids and think they can become like us. But they can’t because they are illegal. That means they are breaking the law by being here. They mooch off us and take our tax money and commit crimes and put a burden on all law-abiding Americans. There is one solution: round them up and send them back and seal off our borders. If they have kids here, send them back too. A few massive deportations will send the message that they are not wanted here.

4. There is no such thing as good government. Government can’t do things right. Government should be very small and very powerless. Except for the military which has to be the best in the world to defend our freedoms.

5. America is the best country in the world. Period. No other country comes close. We saved the world in two world wars and we kick ass if anyone tries to mess with us. Europeans are weenies. They expect an easy life and handouts from their government. They should stand up for themselves.

6. Terrorists or anyone who coddles them should be rounded up. Killed, if possible, but at least rounded up and kept in Guantanimo. Use whatever techniques are necessary to get the bastards to talk. I don’t care if you pull their teeth one at a time or chop off a few fingers. Damn it, they are less than human and don’t deserve any rights. And isn’t it interesting that terrorists are muslims? Names like Abdulla and Mohammed and Achmed. You never hear of a terrorist named Jim or Bill. Their religion is a terrorist religion, so they are all the same. They are trying to destroy America and with it our Christian religion.

7. Socialism is bad. Period. It’s like communism, only worse. It makes people dependent and no one will work under socialism. People need incentive to work and make money otherwise they will mooch off the rest of us. So if you think socialism is such a good idea look what happened to the Nazis when they tried it. And the Russians too.

8. Enough about these “gay” people. They are homosexuals and that is a sin. No doubt about it they will go after our kids if you let them. And they should not be in the military. Who wants to serve next to some fag who is looking to satisfy his perverted desires? They should all stop parading around flaunting that they are degenerites.

9. Liberals are worse than dirt. All they want is to give money to “poor people” but we know that really means take money from me and you and give it to those who don’t work for it. And liberals love the homosexuals. And they are all in charge of TV and the movies. They are both against America and the freedoms we stand for.

10. Guns are our only protection against the liberals and the socialists. That’s why they don’t like us having guns. They know that if we have guns they can’t take what we have. If any liberal shows up on my front porch looking for my cash he will be sprouting wings and a harp real quick.

If you believe in these principals, send this to everyone you know. We need to take America back from the socialists and the communists. If you don’t send this, you are just like the socialists and the communists. Stand up for America NOW before its too late!


texaslib said...

Are you sure this wasn't written by folks on the left parodying the right?

Anonymous said...

1. "Negroes should be thankful that slavery brought their ancestors here so that they could become American citizens."

Wow, who could be this arrogant?

gruaud said...

This is totally a parody.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Well it's certainly not a product of a think tank. Probably a parody, yet the actual beliefs expressed are fairly accurate for Republics. The language is a bit adolescent though, and of course there are no facts, just stereotypes and zenophobia.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure its a parody. If its a parody, its a good one, since I can totally see how some conservative somewhere could have written this.

Anonymous said...

On closer inspection, its a parody. At least I hope it is, because god help us if someone could have written this seriously.

Anonymous said...

Sign that your political movement is a joke: people can't tell a parody of your positions from the actual positions.

My personal favorite: "Government can’t do things right... Except for the military"

Nice to see someone put this ridiculous contradiction down on virtual paper.

Lambo said...

It's got to be a parody. The font never changed, the font size never changed, the font color never changed, there was only one exclamation point, and no obvious misspellings.

ferschitz said...

I agree that it's a parody, and mainly for the reasons that Lambo stated. But it's also interesting that it really does cause us to consider whether it's a parody or a "real" rightwing forward.

While I think it's written in a parody manner with somewhat exaggerated language, in reality, this IS how many rightwingers feel, think and believe. Go look at the signs carried by teabaggers at their rallies, or listen to what many rightwingers say. On Feb 26, Rep. Trent Franks actually stated that AA were "better under slavery." And go check out nutty Orley Taitz's birfer website, if ya don't believe me.

So, hey, who knows?? On second thought, *maybe* it's not a parody. Anything goes at this point.

Avant Gardener said...

It's both?

I think this was written as a parody, but I do not think the RW folks FWDing it realize that. Most RWDs muttered "Hell, yeah!" after each of these "Basic Principles" they read.

It's pretty much Rush or Glenn or Sarah in the simplest terms possible.


Celia said...

These are the opinions that real people have held and continue to hold, but for the most part, they will wrap them in more delicate language before they let them out.

gruaud said...

Yes, just to amplify what many
here have observed: many RWers
agree wholeheartedly with these
sentiments (which is why I
loathe 'em, for the most part),
they just try to hide it in mixed
company; i.e., independants and
Blue Dogs.

If they think they're in a group
of like-minded, then the poison
flows like water.

katz said...

Lambo: Well, there is a misspelling in the title (principal for principle). But I agree with the principle that, if no one can tell whether or not it's a parody, your party is doing it wrong.

Where's our troll, by the way? I'm dying to know whether she thinks it's a parody or not.

Anonymous said...

Total paradoy.

How can you tell? Because the content is pure right-wing idiocy, but it's grammatically too complex, too well-organized, too well-formatted, and too free of exclamation points, non-sequitors, and misspellings to have come from the right.

This ought tell the right something, but I doubt it will.

Hibryd said...

I'm going to guess it's a parody too, but I can't say for sure. Stupid Poe's Law.


Anonymous said...

My response is the same as Texaslib's. This is so offensive and over the top that I have to wonder if it's just a parody.

Oh god I hope it's just a parody.

Nicole Anell said...

I really don't think this is a parody.

Anonymous said...

one way to find out - forward it to your right wing relatives and see if it makes its way back to you - but good grief, who would actually forward this?

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