Fw: Pelosi to sneak Obamacare through



gruaud said...

Jeez, it starts off with a false premise and then
rolls right into insanity. The comments to the
article are also right out of crazyland: "Republicans
are reasonable...Democrats wipe their asses w/ the
Constitution..." WTF?

The divide in this country is just too big to
overcome. Maybe secession IS the answer.

ferschitz said...

How is Pelosi "sneaking" anything at this point? I didn't bother to look at this stupidity from Pirate Murdoch's "Nooz" paper, but seriously: HOW can Pelosi "sneak" something now???? We've only been discussing HCR for the past year; there's been numerous public discussions, debates, town halls about it.

Pirate Murdoch's "Nooz" paper is nothing more than propoganda, and this is, most likely, a good example of how they pump out b.s. to gin up outrage over nothing.

The whole HCR situation has probably been one of the more transparent and most discussed legislation in my lifetime. To say that this is "sneaking" is patently absurd.

No doubt, though, this get the teabaggers ranting, just like the good little pavolovian dogs that they are (oh we're not being astroturfed... yeah: right, pull the other one).

Also: written so teabaggers never have to think for themselves, go out and do any research, analyze the situation, and, how novel, make a decision on their own.

Thx 4 Fish said...

When W was in office, I tried not to watch him speak too often as it was unpleasant and infuriating. But I can still hear his voice in my head--because he said it SO MANY TIMES--"It's an up or down vote" over and over. Dems need to keep using this term too.

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