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bendk said...

Taxes... paying for things... truly an Obamanation...

Anonymous said...

Matt Lesko?

ferschitz said...

Imagine: taxing to get enough money to spend on programs, like good infrastructure, rather than using a credit card indiscriminately and running up a lot of debt to fund wars that we're lied to about. Gee why be reponsible & help US citizens, when it's so much more fun to be Republics and spend like drunken sailors on wars to enrich the likes of the Bushes & Cheneys?

gruaud said...

Can the conservatives making less than six
figures a year shake off the programming of
their mega-rich overlords and catch a glimpse
of reality?

My bet is 'never'.

So let's see if I understand...

Obama passes the largest middle class tax
cut in US history

Obama asks people making a quarter of a
million a year to shoulder their fair share of
taxes which have been repeatedly rolled back
at everyone else's expense

Obama's tax rates are lower than any
Republican president ever over the last half

The economic stimulus pretty much saved
the economy from imploding

...and you guys are having a collective temper
tantrum....why exactly?

Nothing to do with liberals, or Democrats, or
minorities, I'm sure.

Hooray4US said...

Looks like something out of a rightwing thinktank to me. Good propoganda, and actually reasonably well executed. Nice way to encourage citizens to get outraged and vote against their own interests, doncha think?

Thx 4 Fish said...

It's a really good photoshop image. And a classic rightwing misdirection, since most of us got a tax cut last year!

Thx 4 Fish said...

It's a really good photoshop image. And a classic rightwing misdirection, since most of us got a tax cut last year!

LiberalGunner said...

I got more back in taxes than I paid last year. Though I did buy a house and got the nice chunk.

Anonymous said...

But - I don't WANT to pay for services!

Why should *I* have to pay to have the roads paved and plowed, the busses and trains run, the air and water regulated, the public library open, the children educated, or the military, law enforcment, and fire departments functioning?

Somebody ELSE should pay!

Marc with a C said...

Anon: That's because you don't drive, drink water out of a well, don't read, don't have kids, and have a shotgun near the door! ;)

*Tongue placed firmly in cheek*

Hooray4US said...

Yeah, it's like all those teabaggers, John Galts, and "libertarians" who marched on Wash DC in Feckless Glenn's fabled 9/12 March (which he didn't attend, but at least eleventy gazillion teabaggers did - just look at Fake Nooz's footage) to protest their heavy, heavy, heavy tax burden... and then whined and bitched and complained about not having enough Metro trains to trundle their fat butts to the Mall.

Ya know: that socialized Metro paid for with our tax dollars. Maybe their would be more trains to ferry around teabaggers to their little protest rallies if they, ya know, were willing to foot the damn bill.

John Galt & rightwingers everywhere: gimme my cake, but don't expect ME to pay for it!!!!

LiberalGunner said...


The name is about Irony I was asking What Tax increase?

I am paid from tax money.

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