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Limit all US politicians to two terms.
One in office.
One in prison.
Detroit already does this.


Anonymous said...

Well, I have to admit, they're getting some funny ones in these days.

Anonymous said...

Detroit? I know its a rough town but Chicago is far more fitting (and funnier). Come on wingnuts, the one time you actually get a good joke you go and mess it up!

Anonymous said...

Compare the races of Rod Blagojovich and Kwame Kilpatrick and you will understand why this joke used Detroit rather than Chicago.

ferschitz said...

I think the use of red-necked hillbillies in this cartoon (which is basically saying: ain't it great that a black bastard's in jail???) is the TELL here.

Yes, it's somewhat funny, but it's also racist. Plus wingtards, per usual, only point out the wrong-doings of Democrats, never any wrong-doings of Republics.


Marc with a C said...

I was gonna say, I didn't think Canadian lumberjacks cared that much about U.S. politics.

Anonymous said...

what an accurate drawing of a typical conservative! amazing! they have the dumb, brain-dead look, pet pig and EVERYTHING! wow!

Anonymous said...

This is funny because of using cartoons that accurately depict hillbilly conservatives.

Is this irony? satire? or reality?

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