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After the recent Super Bowl victory of the New Orleans Saints, I noticed numerous bad jokes on the internet by people defaming Cajuns as `not too smart'. Let me state categorically I disagree with that assessment.

Anybody who builds a city 10 feet below sea level in a hurricane zone and fills it with Democrats is a genius!


bendk said...

Hey should we save those real Americans who build their McMansions along the Mississippi and every spring get flooded? Oh, word.

ferschitz said...

Oh yeah, not to mention all those good Southern CA Republics who build their McMansions on the sides of unstable hillsides (gotta have that pricey "whitewater" ocean view) that can be predicted to collapse every year during spring rains, as well as good SoCal Republics who build their McMansions and surround them with lots of brush and other flora on the sides of canyons that burn down the house during the autumn Santa Ana hot wind season.

Oh, but but but... that's different ya say?? hmmm, yeah: I guess when you're rich and white, it IS different than being brown and poor. The first gets a bail out and the second gets the finger. I see: yeah, yeah, that's the ticket... the finger.

Hooray4US said...

No Republican racism here, is there????

But oh: I've been chided on some other progressive blogs (by self-described conservatives) for "paying attention to" the "very small minority" of conservatives who express racism, bigotry, sexism and other hateful expressions. I've been told very emphatically that if lefties would IGNORE this junk, it would just "go away," and that the conservatives have "no responsibility" to call out their racist conservative collegues just because...

FEH... what a bunch of bull. Come over here, I sez, I double dog dare ya: and watch the unbridled racism every day, and then tell me how I'm supposed to just "ignore it and it'll all go away."

Yeah right. Sure. Dream on.

Conservatives: hey I have no responsibility for anything or to anyone except lil ole me, me, me.

CharlieE said...

The Republicans so love it when people die.

Unless, of course, it's a fetus. Then it's a national tragedy.

gruaud said...

@ hooray4us

When cons start policing the crazy, hateful
and evil on their side, I'll consider them as
adults again. Until then, they can KMA.

Anonymous said...

It's funny when poor black people drown!

But the right isn't racist.

me said...

"No Republican racism here, is there????"

Wait, so Democrat means black? I'll have to remember that. So the following statements are true

-February is Democrat history month.
-MLB started the RBI program to increase Democrat participation in baseball.
-Barack Obama is the first Democrat President.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly the blacks have been receiving bailouts since the early 80's in the form of welfare created by the Dems. Take a drive down the "poorist" parts of new orleans, LA and see all of your tax dollars being shelled into rebuilding homes that are destined to become slums in the near future for several reasons. Why would any poor person in new orleans go to work when they can stay home, have their home paid for, get a check in the mail on the 1st and 15th of each month, and receive free telephone and television. Then when they are told by every smart person in town to evacuate for a hurricane and they can't because they spent their entire welfare check on a 56" flatscreen tv to watch the saints win the super bowl, they're going to cry because the mean white racist republicans didn't provide them a free ride out of town, when everyone else who left on their own dime had to pay out of their own pockets.... And we're the bad guys for being upset that the Dems want to take even more of my paycheck after they're already taking almost 35% and i make less than 28k a year!

FYI...voting for someone who is black doesn't mean you aren't racist yourself. RACISM is not defined as Whites disagreeing/disliking blacks. look it up genius. Siding with a man solely because of the color of his skin IS racism

ferschitz said...

Yeah, right, "me said" - way to go to cover the ass of whomever wrote this. We all know what the code word is here for NOLA... it's about Republicans, such as the last Anon post, getting their panties in a bunch about horrid minorities stealing all their money.

In this joke here, "Democrat" is a code word for blacks. If you want to argue about that: fine. But all we have to do is take one look at Teabagger signs and/or listen to the nasty epithets hurled at AA Congressmen last weekend or listen to one minute of Rush Limbaugh, and we get the picture.

You Republicans love to pretend that you're not racists, but you're only fooling yourselves. When you finally cleanse your ranks of KKK talk and actions, then I'll actually be willing to countenance what you wrote. Otherwise, it's baloney.

And last Anon post: you can blame the minorities all you want for your problems and for allegedly ripping you off in some way. That's your right. However, I would recommend that you focus your angry attention onto the rich oligarchs who run this country. It's the top less than 1 percent who's ripping you off, not the bottom 5 percent.

me said...

The bigotry on this site always gives me a good laugh. First the racist emails, then the equally racist responses for the commentors.
I'm pretty sure calling all republicans racist, is the definition of bigotry.
Thanks for the laugh, you bigot.

katz said...

me's (my?) last post is a beautiful characterization of someone who's trying to pretend that he's amused and not frothingly angry. If he were fictional, I'd say "Well done!"

ferschitz said...

Well, "me said" didn't answer my question, which is to point out one example of where I was racist, other than to say: you're a racist.

So... I guess there's nothing to point out.

It's just ye olde childish trick of going: nyah nyah yer mother wears combat boots... typical.

useless said...

Or its a childish trick to yell "Racism" when ever you disagree with a person politically.

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