Fw: USAF Effort to reduce bird strikes !!

Fw: USAF Effort to reduce bird strikes !!


Do not open this if you are eating or drinking anything !!! Wait until after you've swallowed it before opening.

USAF Effort to Reduce Bird Strikes


Anonymous said...

I realize that Madame Speaker has a position of high authority and some power, but I find it interesting that the wingnuts wish to debase and mock her so much. Her power is somewhat limited, and frankly, from my perspective she hasn't flexed her muscles that much.

To me this just represents good ole boy sexism at its finest. Find some convenient powerful woman and rip her a new one just because....

Scared of mommy much?

dave said...

Speaking of debasing and mocking Ms. Pelosi: Of all the FWDs we have rec'd at MRWD, the only one rejected due to nastiness (a photo, in this case) was aimed at her. We still might post it.

That submission, I confess with a loving eyeroll, came from MRWD.

curator, MRWD

Anonymous said...

hmmm, if the photo of Speaker Pelosi is THAT bad, maybe not...

How the right tears down left wing women is sickening and has been all along. But since I am a boomer female of a certain age - who has had to put up w/ what feels like intense amount of $hit to get to where I am - I am a bit sensitive to the outrageous, ugly, nasty sexism of the rightwing (whose women seem to be the worst at ripping into left wing women).

But whatevs: do what you think is best.

Jordy said...

Gotta love the forwards that start with "This is really funny! No, I mean it, super duper funny! Prepare yourself for a REALLY funny email!"

Thus breaking the first rule of humor, which is that if you have to say that something's funny, it isn't funny.

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