Fw: Stimulus bill

Everybody that is on this mailing list is either a senior citizen, is
> getting close, or knows somebody that is.
> Most of you know by now that the Senate version (at least) of the
> "stimulus" bill includes provisions for extensive rationing of health
> care for
> senior citizens. The author of this part of the bill, former senator
> and tax
> evader, Tom Daschle was credited today by Bloomberg with the following
> statement.
> Bloomberg: "Daschle says health-care reform will not be pain free.
> Seniors
> should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of
> treating them."
> If this does not sufficiently raise your ire, just remember that Senators
> and Congressmen have their own healthcare plan that is first dollar or
> very low co-pay which they are guaranteed the remainder of their lives
> and are
> not subject to this new law if it passes.
> Please use the power of the internet to get this message out. Talk it up
> at the grassroots level. We have an election coming up in one year and
> nine months. We have the ability to address and reverse the dangerous
> direction this situation is taking. Let's do it!
> If you disagree, don't do anything.


Anonymous said...

This has been discredited and debunked all over the place. As I said in a previous post, my aging & going senile mother gets a TON of snail mail with this same erroneous info in it.

These are snail mail from a variety of very dubious, so-called right wing "think tanks" who are totally into hitting up seniors for their cold, hard cash allegedly to stop the dastardly Daschle from taking away senior health care.

In checking out most of these organizations, it becomes clear very quickly that the majority of the money goes mainly into the pockets of the administrators (and not in the alleged "causes" that they support).

It is seriously disgusting and vile that these people "act" like they are ever so concerned about seniors who are allegedly being ripped off by Democrats, when, in fact, it is these right wing crooks who are - surprise, surprise (not) - doing the actual rip off.

These thieves would step on their grandmas if they thought it would enrich them. disgusting...

Anonymous said...

ZOMG!! Even my super fanatically right wing teabagging sibling has stated clearly to me that this is b.s. and lies...

Wonders never cease, but I guess sometimes the lies are just piled on too thick.

Colleen said...

I think any email beginning with those nine words can be safely deleted. It's either this, or a picture of a kitten petting a duck with a poem under it.

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