Fw: They walk among us......

Subject: They walk among us......

They walk among us....and to think idiots like this are allowed to breed................and vote.

To all you hunters.

Words fail me....I think I'll just go pick some chips off the Doritos tree in the backyard.


CMcD said...

Let me get this straight: the writer of the newspaper column inserts an item presumably meant to mock city folk (or "LIEberals?") who think that meat is "made" at the store.

But rather than acknowledge an unfunny wingnut joke, the email forwarder takes it seriously and responds with "OMG other people are so stoopid!!!"

At least get on the same page, wingnuts!

dave said...

I think this is one of those small-town newspapers (smaller than mine, even) offering a phone line that folks can call and leave a comment. Someone then compiles them into a column they call "The Speakout."

I have a conservative friend who calls his local "SoapBox" often, and his favorite gag is to phone in things like, "I drive a Prius and I don't understand why so many people get angry with me for doing 55 in the Interstate fast lane. Don't they care about global warming?"

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