Bad advert

Curator's note: Technically not a forward, this email contribution came directly to our myrightwingdad@gmail.com inbox. It is currently displayed in the "Lotta Damn Gall" wing of MRWD. Is it for real? Spam? A prank? Just another unhinged conservative doing what they do?

Bad advert

Why is this site showing an advert (amazon) that has a product of Jane Fonda’s in it. That woman is a traitor and should have been jailed. This site should not allow any references to this woman unless they are to attack her character.

Edwin Hoffman MSc.
President SoCool Inc.
14671 Doncaster Road
Irvine, CA, 92604, USA
Cell 949 293 2742
Phone 949 679 2895
Fax 949 281 3780


Anonymous said...

ah, Hanoi Jane... love ya, babe

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff. I'm gonna have to go with the theory that this is someone's over the top impression of what wingnut would say. It seems almost too extreme to be authentic, and that's saying a lot.

Colleen said...

Since the founded SoCool, a startup developing solar-powered cooling systems for cars, I'd say it's a joke. Great, though; the little caveat "unless they are to attack her character" is excellent.

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