Fwd: 5 surgeons

Fwd: 5 surgeons

Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the best patient to operate on..

The first surgeon, from New York, says, "I like to see Accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered."

The second, from Chicago, responds, "Yeah, but you should try
electricians! Everything inside them is color coded."

The third surgeon, from Dallas, says, "No, I really think librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order."

The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeles chimes in: "You know I like construction workers...those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over."

But the fifth surgeon, from Washington, DC, shut them all up when he observed: "You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the head and the ass are interchangeable!"


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... as a librarian, I approve of this joke! Actually this one is kind of funny (not hysterical but amusing), but that's mainly bc they left the punch line non-partisan. I can't fault this one bc they didn't eff it up like the stupid radio joke just below.

So: 1 point to the RWF who could control themselves and allow the joke to stand on its own and not force it to become some convoluted wierd wingtard diatribe that includes every slur one can sling at the left, plus hundreds of unrelated Bible verses written in all CAPS!! A-mazing!

Colleen said...

What have the cities got to do with anything?

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