Fw: SF Police Dept..?

This says it all, folks...

SF Police Dept. (The Keystone Cops)

Imagine being a cop in San Francisco.

Chief Heather Fong (left),

the first SFPD female chief of police;

Theresa Sparks (center, former male),

president of the San Francisco Police Commission,

CEO of a multi million-dollar sex toy retailer,

and a trans gender woman.

Sgt. Stephan Thorne (right, former female),

the first transgender SFPD police officer.

Their Representative in Congress is Nancy Pelosi.

This pretty much explains why we are where we are


Anonymous said...

It explains it, huh? I guess you have to be more explicit. What problem are we in now, and how can we lay the blame on a female police chief and two transgender officers?
Are they the ones who got Bush into Yale?

dave said...

"Are they the ones who got Bush into Yale?"

Thanks for starting my Saturday with a chuckle.


Colleen said...

Putting women into positions of power is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hoo-boy! Or I guess I should say: Hoo-girl! Or hoo-he/she!!

Yeah, thanks for the chuckle re getting GWB in Yale! Too true.

What's the problem w/this? Oh, I guess I'm just not racist/bigoted/ hateful/afraid (of my own sexual identity) enough to see what the "problem" is.

I think we can agree that the "problem" lies only in the eyes of the beholder, NOT w/ the fine folks in the photo, nor w/ Nancy Pelosi.

Celia said...

This doesn't explain anything. I find myself disappointed. Also, Nancy Pelosi is involved in some way, possibly because she's a big tranny like all liberal women, which is why these RWFs keep using the "quotes" around "women", because we've all had sex changes, even when we haven't. In other words, jdsahkfdghadgfhjfdfjhjdhf.

Marlowe said...

Now I get the ferocious opposition by the right wing to ending DADT: they've spent decades shrieking that the police know what's best and you're a filthy criminal if you question them. But now LGBT officers (and women, since the author of this is either 85 or 6) are making wingnuts realize that if there are openly LGBT soldiers, they'll have to drop the "Support the Troops!" facade just as quickly.

Daft Greg said...

I agree with the author. The bigotry and ignorance of people like him (almost certainly a him) pretty much explains why we are where we are.

Anonymous said...

@Daft Greg - perfect answer. IAWTC.

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