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Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 9:42 PM
Subject: FW: A good picture is worth more than a thousand words:


Keith Lehman said...

Where was your satire when revealing the shenanigans of the anti-war crowd and other leftist movement demonstrations?
Besides, is it wrong to peacefully gather in dissent against government policies?
And there ARE pirates in Washington. They sit in seats within Congress and have made it a life-long career. In 2006, Congress should have been fumigated. In 2008, the same people who have been causing the trouble are still there. And someone wants to comment that the person who is holding up his comment on the situation in a demonstration shouldn't be allowed to vote? Voters need to reform themselves, then they will see true reformation of government and a "change" one can readily see and meet the issues of the real world, not the Utopia that politicians want you to believe in. In 2008 the Congress should have been cleaned out and the 44th President of the US should have been someone other than a member of the two monopoly political entities.
Wake up - grow up, folks. Overspending occurred in Bush administration (and previously) and this president's economic philosophy is to go deeper in debt in order to get out of it.
American voters put these people in office, the media hyped about them, and political parties made bad choices of those they sanctioned and supported.

Celia said...

He could have used a better pen for that sign. Or a stencil, that would have looked good too.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Keith, what "satire" are you talking about? All I see is a right-wing forward posted unaltered sans commentary.

dave said...

Hey Keith,

The portion of the Web site which includes these words:

"Fw: They walk among us......

Subject: They walk among us......

They walk among us....and to think idiots like this are allowed to breed................and vote."

is part of another RWFD submission. It is not commentary on the post involving the gentleman with the pirate sign.

MRWD curator

Anonymous said...

Wow. The RWFD was meh, but Keith sure stepped it up in an effort to entertain us. Thanks KL!

Anonymous said...

Dear Keith -

You make some points in your post, and I actually do agree w/some things you say. I, too, am disgusted w/elements in both political parties. But you speak about us "non-grown ups" living in "Utopia."

Well, what Utopia do you live in? It would be nice to think that some "third party" candidate who is not part of the political system could come along and "clean things up." Yeah, I like to dream on, too.

And yes, there are many many things that make me mad about the Democrats; I could go on for pages. I certainly don't give them any kind of "free pass." And yes, I, too, have concerns about the stimulus spending, but history has shown that it has worked in the past, so I'm willing to give it a try.

I defend the right of the dude in the photo to protest all he wants. Sadly, though, it seems like you don't want the left to protest when we are concerned about political issues.

Protesting is open to all, and so is mocking the protestors if you don't agree with them.

If you really think that some completely "independent" candidate can come out of the blue and run for POTUS and win and then somehow be able to "clean up" things in Wash DC, you are seriously out of touch with the way things work, including the actual powers of the POTUS.

I suggest that you do some more study and investigation into how politics works. And if you're really serious about your goals, then why don't you, yourself, start getting involved? That's how it's done; the local level is usually a good place to start.

All the best.

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