Fwd: Fw: The Plan

> Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009 2:27 PM
> Subject: The Plan
> Sounds like a plan to me!
> When do we implement it?
> Ruth
> A. Back off
> and let those men who want to marry men, marry men.
> B. Allow those
> women who want to marry women, marry women.
> C. Allow those
> folks who want to abort their babies, abort their babies.
> D. In three
> generations, there will be no
> Democrats.


Marc with a C said...

Which is ironic if you think about it, seeing how the highest divorce rates and abortion rates are all in the Bible belt.

Oh wait, that was me being logical. Hmm, how best to respond to this in a way the wingtards will understand?

Oh yes. Ahem.

"Oh yeah? Well what about all the immigrants and welfare moms? They'll still be voting blue to steal all your hard-earned cash."


dimethirwen said...

Aunt Ruth, is that you?

Celia said...

The list of flaws in this plan would probably be three times as long as the e-mail, even with all that space between the actual words.

Anonymous said...

Great. Now you wingtards can finally STFU about choice and gay rights.

But I'm pretty sure you'll all find something else to bitch about. Even when you had it all your way from 2000 to 2006, y'all bitched CONSTANTLY.

It's what you do best, besides stealing and lying.

Hibryd said...

Darnit, Marc, every time I hit the comments link to make a snarky but fact-based rebuke I find that you've already beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Agree w/all of the above posts.

Hey: LOVE the plan, babe, and let's go foward w/it ASAP! I'm a life-long Democrat, and I've FINAlLY found a plan that a wingtarded Repug has proposed that I AGREE with! Yay!

PS I've had a number of friends who worked at different Planned Parenthoods over the years (in different parts of the country). It is anecdotal, but I've heard it said elsewhere, too. Often the self-same, self-righteous wingtard "anti-choice" protestors out in front of the Planned Parenthoods are the very ones sneaking themselves and/or their teenage daughters into the back door to get an abortion.

They are virulenting "anti-choice" when it comes to someone else, but not so much when it comes to them or their families.

Then the very next day, there they are out front shrieking obscenities w/their nasty fetus signs. Hypocrit much??

Yeah, there will continue to be plenty of democrats bc teh dreaded gheyz are already doing whatever they're doing now, so: no changes there (duh). They seem to think that if they "legalize" teh gheyz marriage, then EVERY single Democrat will become teh gheyz (they wish, I guess). And it's like they think that if abortion is "made easy" (news flash, dumbskulls: it IS legal) we're all heading off for free abortions every day at lunchtime! Double Duh.


Uncle Glenny said...

waaaaah, my father doesn't email me things like this anymore.

Although he just sent me a copy of the Moonie Times (weekend edition) for some reason. He actually has a snail-mail subscription and he crossed off his name and address before he sent it to me! (I could still figure out it was him.)

Anonymous said...

...because being a Democrat is genetic?

Mark in SJ said...

Well, that RW forward was nice and brief, which is unusual.

Contained therein was an equal or greater amount of stupid to the usual long-winded crap, but this was refreshing in its brevity.

Thank you for being stupid and concise, fascist email forwarders...

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