Fw: World map for Americans

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My son, the Navy aviator, sent me this new map that was created to help Americans have a better understanding of the world.


Anonymous said...

UGH!! What an eff-wit.

If a Navy aviator really sent this to his wingtarded parents, then I'm really sorry to learn that our military troops have such a racist and condescending attitude towards the rest of the world.

I realize that the military has to think in ways that I do not so as to enable them to fight and kill our "enemies." But this is quite over the top and unnecessary.

I would not be proud if a child of mine sent me such a thing. SAD.

Hibryd said...

Actually, I thought this was pretty damn funny.

Of course, I also see it as making fun of the people who normally author RW forwards, rather than making fun of the rest of the world.

Falyne said...

I'm thinking this is meant as satire, actually. It looks like it was meant to make fun of USian stereotypical ignorance and xenophobia, not celebrate them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's satire, and if one looks at that way, it is funny.

Given how most rightwingers view the world and react to stuff etc (as evidenced by other emails), I'm a bit skeptical about giving them credit for being satirical.

My thinking is that they are serious about this, but I am willing to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of this one.

Emma said...

What's hilarious to me is that I've seen this graphic before... used by the left to make fun of the right. XD

I think it's a pretty accurate representation of the right's (retarded) worldview.

Paul said...

You people are crazy, this is obviously satire, it's just some rightard was too dumb to see that his worldview was being satirized.

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